Deep Frying Foods

If I use oil low in saturated fat and high in unsaturates, cook at the proper temperature so the oil doesn’t soak in the food, just how unhealthy is deep frying?
Or is it unhealthy at all?
Assuming, of course, that I use low fat meat such as chicken, or veggies.

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If you do this with every meal you eat, yeah, this is gonna be unhealthy.

But an occasional meal of greasy fried is not gonna kill you, unless you spill some of it in the floor and slip and hit your head or something.

your humble TubaDiva
Never fry bacon in the nude.

If you make sure that you cook with the oil at a high temperature, don’t leave the food sitting in the oil, and that you drain the food, you’ll prevent the oil from soaking into the food. This is not only (relatively) healthier, but tastier too.

I always make sure my deep-fried Mozarella lumps are well drained. Sometimes I cook them in the nude, though.

Eat whatever, but don’t fry in the nude.

Oh, yeah. AP ran a story yesterday (that I didn’t read) titled something like “Government warns against frying while drunk”

Friends don’t let friends fry drunk.

your humble TubaDiva
somebody had to say it!

THings with heavy batters on them tend to be really oily (Like KFC). Things with light batters hold less oils. For instance, the lightest fried food i have ever tried is Tempura. The batter is thin and light and not very oily (oily tempura is bad tempura). Anyway, if you eat fried things a lot, it is unhealthy. In other words, dont live off of KFC or Fried foods :). Eat things in moderation.

At Applebee’s they have a new dessert, the Chimi-Cheesecake, which attempts to create a whole new class of unhealthy food–fried cheesecake.

Yes, of course I tried it. It was tasty. The angioplasty that followed it was successful.

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