Deep Impact Quotes

I’m looking for a good page of Deep Impact quotes. I’ve googled, and all I’ve gotten were (was?) pages upon pages of multi-movie sites where I would find three or four quotes, or I would receive information regarding Deep Impact 2004. Could I get some help? I’m looking specifically for anything that comes fro Leo Beiderman’s mouth, preferably the scene in which he “proposes” to Sarah.

I’ll take anything, however. Just pointing you in the right direction.

And yes, I know that Leo was Elijah Wood (look who’s posting :rolleyes: ) But it seems even with his name in the search engines, I get very little.

Many thanks in advance!

Thanks for the quick response, but it’s not quite what I was looking for.

Well, I looked around, but apparently everyone puts up the same 5 or 6 quotes and none of them is what you’re looking for. Maybe someone that owns the movie will be along and transcribe it for you.

Maybe. Thanks so much.

I will do anything to put off grocery shopping, so I pulled the DVD off the shelf and here’s the scene:

“I would receive information regarding Deep Impact 2004.”

Wait… there’s a sequel?

:eek: THANK YOU!!! ::dances/hugs Boscibo::

Nope, a program.