Deep Impact

In just 25 minutes, the spacecraft is supposed to make contact with the comet Tempel 1. There’s too many lights around here to get a good view so I’ll have to watch it on the internet. Anyone else going to watch it?

I want to…on what site will you be watching?



It’s on CNN too.


Cool pic. :slight_smile:

It’s daylight here, so we couldn’t see anything.

Wow! That is just amazing.

That was incredible. It was something I am very glad to have seen. I can’t wait to see pictures and hear findings in the days to come.

I got irritated by whomever was running the camera, showing the folks in mission control being excited by the images, but not showing us any of the images. Still it was cool, looked more like an asteroid than I thought. Can’t wait to see the Hubble pics.

I know what you mean, I was expecting a live feed of what was actually going on up there. Oh well, like you said, I can’t wait until they release the high-res pictures. I’m sure this will give astronomers alot to chew on in the coming days.

I was watching down on Waikiki beach. They were putting on a show on the movie screen over at Sunset on the Beach. Watching the sky was interesting but damn, seeing those photos at about 30 feet square was awesome.

It was very, very crowded.

Still pics can be found here.

We took a scope to Bishop Museum, and there were at least 250 people there to watch the impact. It was wall-to-wall blankets on the lawn.

Many people brought telescopes, but no one saw the comet. It was clear, except for a few moments when clouds passed over, but neither the comet nor the collision were visible. Quite a disappointment. I should have gone to Sunset on the Beach.

Hmm, I guess I didn’t see it either. The sun had just set and stars were popping up left and right. Hard to tell them from the comet. Well, at least I was looking in the right direction. A bunch of people were taking pictures and video of a small star south of Venus.

Sunset on the Beach was absolutely crazy though. It was as bad as a big concert at the shell. But the pics were worth it.

BTW, cool, another Waikiki doper. I live a few blocks from the Princess Kaiulani statue.

I was asleep, so I couldn’t see, but that is extremely cool. :wink:

The images are fascinating!

Hubble images and before and after pics from a ground based telescope.

The sad thing is that we just don’t have any telescopes powerful enough to see much of any detail now that the Deep Impact mothership has flown out of range. The Hubble images are just a pixelated blur, not sure if we’ll ever see the size of the crater left behind. Sure there are instruments that can analyze the ejecta, but I just can’t see getting any more pics.

Do you think its a coincidence that they aimed for an impact date of 4th July?

Maybe NASA is providing some extra fireworks for your celebrations.