Deep Purple live. And an epiphany

I got to see Deep Purple live on Saturday.

Note, I am not a big DP fan. Never cared for them that much, though they have written some great tunes and they are great musicians.

I went because Steve Morse, my favorite guitarist, joined Deep Purple. I was really suprised when Morse joined DP. In fact, I think Steve was suprised when he joined DP. I can’t find a quote on it right now but I seem to remember Steve accepting the tryout with some reservations and then changing his mind when they got together.

I arrived late to the show. Had to work. :frowning:

I was impressed. Steve, as always, was on. That man, as far as I can tell, has never found a bad note. His playing was stellar. It always is. The rest of DP was really good as well. Except I kept expecting one of them to keel over. That is where the epiphany comes in. All the guys I looked up to (and still do) are getting old. Heck, I am getting old. Man, I didn’t really realize that Steve is in his 50s. Steve still looks great (in fact my girlfriend is insisting that I get my forearms up to Steves, she thinks his are way sexy) but the rest of the guys are showing there age.

Now that I have gotten that pesky ageism (is that what it is called?) out of the way. On with the review. Steve, of course, played wonderfully. I didn’t hear a bad note. He just wailed. It was different than a Steve Morse Band or Dixie Dreg show, not as much complexity but they did kick ass. Ian Gillian sang prefectly. That man has some lungs. The only complaint was the mix. Ian was hard to hear. Ian Paice played really well. He wails while looking like a grandfather*. Roger Glover was tight and in the pocket all night. Don Airey smoked but the soundman kept cranking Don so that it was almost impossible to hear anyone else. Don and Steve did some soloy bits that were way cool. They traded back and forth for a while and it was quite cool. They played a bunch of DP stuff I didn’t recognize and quite a few of the hits I remember. They did Smoke, of course, and Space Truckin. They also did Knocking At Your Back Door which is still, sadly, stuck in my head. I love that song but it needs to get out of my head.

I was totally impressed with the musicianship of the whole band. They were tight. Not a bad note out of any of them.


I love Deep Purple. But Ian Gillian will forever and always be Jesus Christ to me.