Deep sigh

Well, the alarm will go off in 45 minutes, and I haven’t managed to sleep a bit. Of course, now I feel sleepy, since I gave up on actually sleeping tonight.

sigh luckily, I don’t do this often

and since I don’t drive into work I won’t be too much of a danger tomorrow. Only the 2.5 miles to the train station.

and I will hopefully sleep well tomorrow. Right now, I have the South Park movie in, mmmmkay?

Ah, insomnia, I know it intimately. It visits me every so often. My best defense? A strong offence. I exercise that demon out of me! If I miss my workouts it has a tendency to get a strong hold… pump some weight, take a run, beat the living shit out of your pillow… and then nestle in for a nice sleep!

Best to you!

[total hijack]I just had my sleep professionally analyzed. I have suspected that I have sleep apnea, and I snore loud enough to shake windows, when I can sleep… So they hooked me up with a bunch of wires around my face and neck, and told me to relax and get some sleep.
In the morning, the tech said I probably don’t have apnea. But I’m always tired, run down, yawning, and have headaches.

On top of that, I work graveyard shift. No sleep for the wicked.

[end of self-serving hijack]

[responding to the hijack]

Did you snore during the sleep test? My father was a heavy snorer and took one of those sleep tests at a sleep disorders clinic. But he snored only lightly or not at all during the test–in the unfamiliar surroundings he slept differently than at home. And they told him he didn’t have sleep apnea.

So he went back home and had my stepmother tape record him snoring at full strength during a normal night. He took it back to the sleep disorders clinic and played it for them, and they diagnosed sleep apnea on the basis of the tape. They gave him one of those devices that pushes air down his throat while he sleeps, and now he sleeps much better.

[end of response to hijack]

Sorry, Lsura. Didn’t mean to ignore your situation. I’ve had occasional difficulty sleeping too. I hate that moment when I’ve been up all night and I look at the clock and see that I need to get up and prepare for work in 30 minutes or so, and all hope of even a single wink of sleep is lost. It’s a moment that chills my soul…

I rarely don’t fall asleep easily and decide it may be better to stay up than oversleep the clock by several hours. My commute is short and I never have a problem with alertness.

I can’t fault your choice of movies for entertainment and it’s sure not a sleep aid. The Kyle’s Mom is a Great Big Bitch song puts me in stitches. I may be the only SDMBer with a Cartman refreigerator magnet.

ummm… no, why do you think I was watching the movie at 3:30 AM. :wink:

I made it through the day, dozed a lot, which was tough since me and the boss were the only ones in the office today. Luckily, I told him straight up what was going on, and I did pretty well. And I am so tired that I may not even eat dinner tonight…just sleep…

I suffered badly from insomnia for four years. Nowadays I do manage four or five hours a night so it’s a marked improvement. During that time I tried a number of methods that worked for others: numerous forms of meditation, yoga, exercise (which nearly always woke me up), herbal remedies etc. etc. The only thing I refused to take was sleeping tablets (personal thing). All to little or no avail.

To be perfectly honest the only true ‘cure’ I found was making passionate love. This is not a line or a SDMB flirt - it’s true. Of course I suspect it’s more to with my gender and the seratonin but it worked consistently.

As for the rest of the time… well I sure got a lot of reading done.

My son and I change the name to “Brads Mom is a bitch”, and we sing it in two part harmony!!!