Deepfield image with half a million galaxies..

… was released by Canada-France-Hawai Telsecope.

Enjoy Deep field. !.Slow to load,but simply terrific . [Note: the image linked to is huge – don’t click if it’s going to crash your machine or your browser. – twickster]

You can navigate the whole image through this link.

I get that uneasy feeling .:smiley:


What do you mean?

Hey, I can see my house from here!

Somewhere in all that, someone’s looking at us. :cool:

“… with their eyes.”
-Marge Simpson

Very cool picture.

Enter the vortex!

Is that a piece of fairy cake? ::scoff::

I found Waldo

Who took this? The guys who faked the moon landing. :slight_smile:

I can see the back of my head

Greeeaaaat. I blink for one second and they take the picture. I look like an idiot!

It looks like the universal conquest plans are going to be a little…harder than I first anticipated.

Ah! And while we’re on the subject of scarification…comparison of star sizes.

Be warned: Do not click the link labeled “deep field” unless you’re extremely confident in the capabilities of your computer and web browser. There’s nothing malicious about it, but it’s about 10,000 pixels on a side, and will crash many browsers. I’ve asked the mods to put a warning in the post.

Indeed. Crashed mine. A warning is needed.


twicks, MPSIMS mod

“My God! It’s full of jewels!”

Amazing and beautiful…

And that is just a little bitty piece of the sky, it is like that in every direction you look.

Sorry about that ! :smack:
Chronos,twickster Thanks .

That is truly amazing. I know someone with a plotter, I may have to have that on my wall.

I had a private tour of the CFHT a couple of years ago - a memorable experience. This is something of an old technology telescope these days, not equipped to do much cutting-edge stuff. But through considerable cleverness, the folks who run it have kept on doing useful science. Among other things, they contributed to the development of adaptive optics, one of the most significant advances in ground-based observing of the past several decades.

I wish I knew how to photoshop. I can think of a lot of fun things I could do with this picture.