Deer/car encounter

:frowning: My SO Jeff hit a deer last night. Thank goodness, he is OK. I am really, really happy about that. Unfortunately, our new Jetta is messed up. We haven’t even had it two weeks yet. He feels bad about the car, but I think he feels worse about the deer.

After he hit it, he didn’t have his phone with him, so he drove to the police station to file a report. The officer called me and when I asked about the deer, she said she had went back but it was gone. It probably crawled off to die and Jeff feels really bad about that.

Here’s some pictures of the car.

I don’t know if all the pictures will show up, I haven’t done HTML or webpages for a long time. I checked it over, but some pix werebn’t coming up and I can’t figure out why.

He got lucky! A deer through the windshield can easily kill you. Looks like the impact was relatively low speed. But yeah, the deer probably will at least have broken a few legs, and has little chance of survival if it isn’t found. :frowning:

The third pic doesn’t work for me, the rest are fine.

Darn pictures, I don’t know why they’re not showing Jeff said he was doing 55 MPH. The police said there are a lot of deer hit in that area. Now we will find out exactly how expensive those VW parts are, yay for insurance!

I would say very lucky. Hell, nobodys dead and you can still drive the car. Screw the deer!

Round our parts, we have wild horses. (and lots of big, red stains on the highway) I have seen many corpses (horses, humans and automobiles) as a result of the coincidence of time/space coordinants. These damn things are a menace!

Good to hear Jeff is okay. Tell him not to worry about the deer. They don’t hold grudges.

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

Mrs. R nailed a horse one morning on the way to daycare. It had escaped its pasture, wandered across the road to investigate some apple trees, and had decided to return to its pasture. Stepped right out from behind some bushes into Mrs. R’s path.

My wife was going about 35 mph. The windshield was pretty well smashed, but Mrs. R and the little Rs weren’t hurt. Our insurance fixed the car.

The horse suffered a broken leg and had to be put down. I saw it stumbling around with its leg broken (I don’t care if I never see that again), and later I heard the cop’s gunshot.