Deer in yard

I read somewhere (no cite available for this one, unfortunately…like you care. I know…) that if you take your old, dirty, stinky, sweaty sneakers, and hang them off of a stake near your flowers, the deer will stay away from them. Apparently, they don’t like the ‘human scent’.

I’ve never tried it, but in theory, it SHOULD work… :dubious:

Here’s what you should do:

Put a salt lick about 100 yards away from your home and leave it there a couple of days, then move it to 50 yards from the house. Leave it there a couple of days, then move it to 25 yards from the house. Then, when the deer is licking the salt block, 25 yards from your house, you can easily take it out right from your back porch! :smiley:

Yes, I’ve tried blood meal with no appreciable effect. The deer’s desire for green tomatoes seems to far outweigh their fear of people. They stand and watch me while I’m out watering or pulling weeds. It’s a good thing they are lovely to look at.

I’d have thought that just inviting the original poster to hang out in one’s yard would do the trick, after all what deer would want to risk an encounter with a carnivorousplant? Obviously this doesn’t work or this thread wouldn’t even exist :confused: :slight_smile:

I wonder why your deer are so tame. The deer come up to my house and invade the bird feeder, which is really just a pile of seeds, corn, bread and leftovers on the low stone wall. I don’t care what eats it; squirrels, birds, deer, fine. But the deer are quite wary and spook the minute they see any movement inside the house. Raccoons, squirrels, and chipmunks don’t seem to care what moves inside as long as I don’t do jumping jacks or imitate Alvin & Co.

Baiting deer is illegal in many places. If you leave the salt lick out long enough though, the deer will get used to its presence; so when you remove it for deer season, they’ll still come around.

One of the common names for Darlingtonia califronica is “Deer’s Meat”.

Try typing without fingers, Smart Guy! :slight_smile:

Admiral Fish Head: “It’s a trap!”