Deer in yard

It’s very dry, and I’ve seen a doe several times this week, perhaps looking for water.
I was sitting on the porch watching the hummingbirds, a saga in itself, and she walked in front of the barn about 50’ away, nervously chewing on some tall weeds.
After she left I put some water out.

She came over to my house too. My wife showed her to me this morning and we watched her feed on grass for 20 minutes or so in the back of the property. My dog, who normally barks at deer, didn’t utter a peep. He must like her. I didn’t put any water out though. There are streams for that type of thing around here.

What flight to ya’ll reckon she took from AR to MA?

I’ve had rabbits in my yard. If I walk outside, they just stand there and stand really still. I could probably shoot one, but since they just stand there, it wouldn’t be very challenging, and I don’t want to eat rabbit anyway.

Grandfather told me that I shouldn’t shoot a rabbit standing still because it may be sick.

The house I used to live in (in West Virginia) happened to be on a deer path. Every night, about 20 or 30 of them would come walking down through our neighborhood. I never once had to trim my bushes the entire time I lived in that house. The only real down side was that it was impossible to have a garden, although the guy who lived 2 doors down from me happened to have a brother who was a barber. He would hang bags of human hair on all four corners of his garden, and his was the only untouched garden on the whole hill.

Our house has woods on two sides. We regularly see deer in our yard. Once I was sitting quietly on our screened in porch and a doe was about 6 feet away munching fallen apples. Crunch, crunch, slurp. Slimy green slobber slipping out of her dainty mouth.

We also get wild turkeys, who roam through the neighborhood as if they owned it. Not to mention the ordinary groundhogs and squirrels.

I have deer who come within 10 feet of my house. Nothing, but nothing, has discouraged them from eating my flowers and vegetables. Not peeing around the area, not hanging hair bags, not bars of soap, not walking towards them yelling and waving my arms, not even shooting them with birdshot has made the slightest bit of difference. They just walk (sometimes run) off a few feet and go to eating again. I think they think they are cows. I am resigned to it now. I didn’t really need those tomato plants. :frowning:

Er, as in shotgun? That probably isn’t legal… :slight_smile:

The game warden suggested we give the birdshot a try. Birdshot is what people use around here to run off free roaming dogs from around their livestock. I haven’t done it in quite a while, as it didn’t work.

I saw a doe yesterday with triplets in my back yard.

Sure are pretty. Sure wish they didn’t think hostas were some sort of deer spring mix.


Deer: Rural rats.

C’mon, what flying equipment do you usually think of in connection with flying deer? (Hint: think Tim Allen)

I thought the Fat Man spent Summer drinking beer and scratching himself.

You see deer: I see venison. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I was thinking – too bad it isn’t hunting season!

(This is assuming it would be ok to shoot the deer in the neighborhood. With a bow and arrow, I mean.)

Actually, in the metro Atlanta area, there’s a group of hunters who do this to get rid of nuisance deer. They eat up all the expensive landscaping plants on some of those expensive houses and golf courses here.

Did you try blood meal?

We just got back from a week in a very isolated cabin. My daughter counted 227 deer over 6 days. I’m sure some of them were counted twice.

One night, I woke up about 4 am and went onto the cabin porch and almost ran into one. It screamed at me (really) and ran off. At least I think it ran off as I was squeaking myself and heading back indorrs.

‘indorrs’ is the correct way to spell ‘indoors’ in a very small section of the country…