Deer Season 'practically a national holiday'; who knew?

I’ve only lived in WV a little over a year. So I was quite surprised to find out that, in these parts, the opening week of deer season is “practically a national holiday” (which is how my plumber put it!)

First, I heard a commercial on the radio for a local car dealership. The upshot of the commercial was that the manager of the dealership wouldn’t let his salesmen take time off to go hunting until they sold more cars! “Our salesmen won’t get no bucks until they save you bucks!” :smack:

Then, I was surprised my middle-school daughter gets all this week off from school for Thanksgiving break. Back in Maryland, they usually went on Monday and Tuesday, then had off on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. But I was informed by one of the teachers that in reality, they get all week off because it’s the start of hunting season!

Which brings me to my handyman. He came out to give me an estimate on some work I need done to my apartment building, but informed me that he cannot start on the work until week after next because they’re taking the week off to go hunting!

Seriously, I like venison if someone gives me some. I know how to make a decent roast or stew. But I do not get the appeal of deer hunting. It’s not “shooting Bambi” that boggles my mind, but rather the whole “Let’s just stand here stock still for hours, hoping to get a shot at a deer”. I don’t get it. Color me :confused:

Mundane? Yep. Pointless? You bet. But I thought I’d share anyway. :slight_smile:

I remember living in Michigan back in the 70’s when the Japanese were breaking into the American car market, and people having to explain over and over again to the nice Japanese visitors that no, you CAN’T have a meeting during deer season. No one would come. Yes, the place just about shuts down because everyone is off in the woods looking for deer. Yes, even some of the women.

In some places in the US yes, deer season is a definite extended holiday.

Sounds more like a regional holiday to me. :slight_smile: But important, nonetheless.

The more rural areas of Pennsylvania (i.e., most of PA) are like this, too. We didn’t actually close our schools in Altoona, but there was generally an amazingly thorough rash of absences at the end of November. Almost always excused with no questions asked.

Well, I certainly agree that it’s ‘regional’ not ‘national’! But I was talking to the plumber this morning, trying to schedule some work I need done, and he said “Well, we’re closed Thursday and Friday; but even up 'til then, I’m short-handed. Lots of my crew took off to go deer hunting. Around here, it’s practically a national holiday!”

It’s not much of a holiday for the deer.

True enough.

We lived near the trailhead for a popular hunting spot, and used to watch all the guys bring back their deer Thanksgiving week. We found it pretty amusing that most of them were wearing 1) Camouflaged clothing and 2) bright orange vests.

I took a whole week for deer hunting this year. Wanted to catch the tail end of bow season and the beginning of modern gun. Spent another week earlier in the year hunting feral hogs because they were destroying our feeders. ('Round here, we hunt down other animals because they’re interfering with deer season :p). Yep, it’s a big deal here.

The good news is, my freezer’s full, and I’ve still gotta fly back next week to pick up one we left to be processed.

Grew up in Southeast Ohio, where students were allowed one excused absence from school during deer gun season. Didn’t stop some country boys from disappearing the entire week.

I lived in Michigan in the late 80’s and in some places the first day of deer season was a school holiday.

The Yoopers, a singing group from Michigan, had a local hit with a song called “The Second Week of Deer Camp”

“We drink, play cards, and shoot duh bull/ But never shoot no deer!”

Tell me about. Some of the guys on my lease were wearing last year’s camo pattern. Another was using a light-colored, stainless rifle instead of blued, this far past Labor day, no less. Heathens, I say.

Second Week of Deer Camp

Da Yoopers also have another one that featured on Dr. Demento, “Deer Hunter’s Widow”, which wasn’t really quite as funny and apparently is not on YouTube.

There IS always Bananas at Large’s Turdy-Point Buck, which is in the same vein and is definitely Yooper in origins, even if it isn’t Da Yoopers in origin.

Orange camo is easy for humans to see, but not deer.


We did close but this was in the 60s and very early 70s. We were also allowed to hunt before and after school leaving our firearms and ammo with the gym teacher and game with the lunch ladies. This was all through hunting season and not just “buck”.

Rural northeastern PA

I’m from Zanesville. What he said. Except that if I recall correctly, some years they just gave Monday of Deer Week off to everybody.

Growing up in northern Wisconsin, it was that way there, too.

One of my former employers had a plant in St. Joseph, MO.; the plant largely shut down for a week at the height of hunting season.

Sure it is. That’s when they all go to Florida.

Right. Oranges would be indistinguishable from some greens to deer. I will note that all mammals except primates have two or fewer cones, and even some primates have 2 or 1. Most (all?) birds have excellent color vision, so they can see your blaze orange standing out. Jerks.

A solid blaze orange vest can however be apparent to deer because it is a solid pattern that rarely exists in nature. I have seen some vests that break up the orange with a black leafy pattern, which in theory should work better.

In Vandergrift, about an hour NorthEast of Pittsburgh, the kids have Monday off from school for the start of Deer Season.

Someday I’ll give it a shot.