defective bolts

The question about defective bolts in skyscrapers reminded me of the Titanic. Didn’t the Titanic sink due to defective bolts (apart from the triggering iceberg, of course)?


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The Titanic issue is with rivets, not bolts.

They were rivets, not bolts, and I think that theory has been debunked (as has a similar theory about defective steel)…at least that’s my recollection from several shows on the Titanic in the last few years. From memory they brought up both steel plate and rivets and tested them out and neither were defective. I could have sworn Cecil did an article on this, but I can’t find it. I did find this in a quick search though if you want to read through it.

Heh, this is off-topic, but the phrase

brings up the question, is ship history a Summer or Winter Olympic sport?

(I would have rewritten it into something like “a historian of the Olympic class of ships” to avoid possible confusion.)

I think the phrasing is a bit clunky, but the hyphens make the meaning quite unambiguous. No “pretty little girls school” here.

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Anyone who’s taken 5 minutes to read up on their proper use?
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Bolts were never used on the hulls of vessels, only rivets. It cut down the drag and it prevented most leaks. Now hulls are welded.

So, like, nobody. I mean, who goes around reading how to use punctuation?

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