Definition of "entree" in food service

@ the OP: How much is the amount of the dispute? The amount of the fruit salad? $3.49?

If I were a resident in your complex and I heard that a board member and the treasurer were arguing over such trivial amounts, I’m not sure I could trust them to judiciously get anything done as it related to real issues.

I don’t see what difference it makes what it’s called. If you are supposed to be reimbursed, and you provided the food, they owe you the money no matter what you call it.

Ah, I see. It wasn’t clear to me that the OP is on the board also.

Assuming this isn’t just a drive-by gag OP, that is.

I didn’t look at the Join Date before. It’s the last day. Wonder how many we’ll get before the day is out.

Well… that’s what the boards of homeowner/condo associations are designed for. Here’s a sample meeting, in case you’ve never attended.

“We need to fix the leaking roof.”
“You have to make motions using Roberts Rules of Order. I move that we prevent Mrs Smith from putting a holiday wreath on her door.”
“But the roof is leaking!”
“There’s already a motion on the floor. Roberts Rules says you need to wait. Will anyone second the motion?”
[The following three hours will result in a narrow decision that wreaths are in fact a violation of the CC&Rs, promote religious intolerance, and the green clashes with the paint anyway. It will be recommended that a motion be made at the next meeting to appoint a committee to study whether the roof is in fact leaking.]

Hell yes, such organisations attract the worst kind of pedants.

Re the entree thing, I’ve always found the US usage really weird. It’s entree, main, dessert.

McD’s happy meal usually is a ham/cheeseburger and fries, though it could be ham/cheeseburger and apple slices (I think they have a chicken nugget option also) and a toy.

So what would be the entree here.

Sounds like someone went to Publix and got viddles for the meeting and want’s the Treasurer to reimburse them for the food.

They got Manwich fixings, buns and a cut up fruit salad for everyone.

The stipulation is that only the Entree’ is reimbursable.

So, if you buy cookies, chips or doughnuts that’s on your dime, which is probably what was meant.

I think salad is general is part of the entree’, be it lettuce or fruit. Like beans and tater salad are for hot dogs and burgers.

I’m hungry…:frowning:

Can you explain why you need this? Why would one be reimbursed, but not the other? If we understood the context, it might help us to answer.

Kimballkid, you’re right. That was sloppy editing on my part.