Definition of "Family Status" As Protected Class

I am trying to find decisions that get into defining what family status is and isn’t under the Human Rights Codes of Canada (each of the provinces and federaly) but I’m having a hell of a time.

Can anyone in the know point to some decisions that address what constitutes a protected family status please.


In the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act, family status is defined as “the status of being in a parent-child relationship”.

In terms of British Columbia, there’s a case that deals with family status and workplace discrimination called “Health Sciences Assoc. of B.C. v. Campbell River and North Island Transition Society”, which should help, but I’m having trouble actually reading it because I’m having internet connectivity problems.

I’m pretty sure family status in the Human Rights Codes just means “having kids”.

I believe the most common situation of this is when 2 people have kids and are living as a family, but are not legally married. Some landlords, for example, try to refuse to rent to them.

Thanks guys for your speedy andquite useful replies.

Captain Amazing: “Health Sciences Assoc. of B.C. v. Campbell River and North Island Transition Society” was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for and it provided me with a few good off-shoot links. Your help is truly appreciated!

It seems that thus far there haven’t been enough cases related to the definition of, and obligations, to family status for anyone to have much of an idea how it functions as yet.

Cool, uncharted territory :wink:

If anyone else has anything that might prove elucidating it is more than welcome.

And thank you again to the respondants to date.