Definition of Runcible

I know what everyone thinks: that a runcible spoon is a spork or a grapefruit spoon. While this might appear to be popular opinion, read on.

When I was growing up and reading Edward Lear’s nonsense omnibus, our family interpreted runcible to mean slot or sieve spoon (that is, a spoon with holes) which is closer to his picture of a ladle. I still call slot spoons runcible spoons and much prefer this to the term slot spoon. I just found out that Edward Lear did not know himself what runcible meant and find that humorous, considering how adamant my own family was about what it was. So maybe we should start a new fashion (seeing as language is made to be changed) and start calling runcible spoons what they are (instead of slot spoons).

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What’s a runcible spoon?