I know about IMHO, etc, but there are some other terms floating around that I can’t quite make sense of.


sock puppet=???

Just wondering, thanks.

A link from - if I recall correctly - Arnold’s Technical FAQ is this one: Netlingo: Acronyms and shorthand

Here’s a previous thread that may be of interest: Acronyms (abbreviations?)

Here’s a website that may be of interest: THE CANONICAL ABBREVIATION/ACRONYM LIST

A sock puppet is a screen name registered by a person who already has another screen name. The practice is very much against the rules here, and is grounds for automatic banning of both names. (It is permissible to have your name changed by an admistrator, though.)

I found a better one: ATTN Newcomers - Abbreviation List.

Since the question has been answered, and since questions about sock puppets / trolls usually have the unfortunate consequence of causing the appearance of a sock puppet or troll, I will close this thread.