Defrag broken.

I run a win2k box with 2 hard drives.

Primary: 80 GIG Western Digital ~7 Gigs free
Secondary: 40 GIG Western Digital ~26 Gigs free

For some reason, whenever I defrag the Primary, it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t quit, it gives me no error message, but when I press analyze after it finishes, the display looks the same as it did before. It still has the same sectors fragmented, defragmented and free.

It shouldn’t be the program, because the secondary defrags fine.
I have had no problems with the primary before.

I think it’s because I have ~50 files > 500 MB (don’t ask), but that’s probably wrong.

Please share your wealth of computer knowledge with me.

Have you tried defragging in safe mode?

(assuming, of course, that Win 2K has a safe mode…)

Are both drives NTFS?
I used to have problems with defrag on an NTFS volume, basically the same as you. It just didn’t do anything.
Check your file system and if they’re both NTFS, then I dunno, if ones not, you may have an answer.

My assumption is that the primary was optimally defragged to begin with.

Go to the defrag program and analyze the drive to see the estimated free space after a defrag. If it’s the same as what already is free space, then your drive is optimally defragged and defragging it again won’t change much.

To test this further, copy many many small files onto your primary disk. Then delete them. Then copy some more. Do this multiple times. Then defrag. See if that makes any difference. If it does, it confirms my assumption.

Also, try Power Defrag to see if that changes anything.

A while back someone posted that they weren’t able to defrag an NTFS drive if the SYSTEM account didn’t have Full Control of it. You should check the permissions on the Security tab of the drive’s Properties.

Or use a third party defrag program from Norton, etc…to defrag. They are better then the stuff that comes with the OS.

Did you try the support center? Its under Start button.