Dehumidifier expected lifespan?

Two and a half years ago I purchased this dehumidifier:
I’ve operated it in our basement 24/7/365 since purchase.

A few weeks ago I noticed it was making more noise than before, then yesterday it died. I’ve been working on opening the case (even with every screw removed, I’m struggling to open it), but I suspect it will not be repairable.

I purchased it through Amazon and am tempted to “Buy It Again”, but I don’t know if 2 1/2 years is what should be expected from a dehumidifier.


I am on my third dehumidifier similar to what you have. I have had mixed experience. IMHO they should last a lot longer than 2.5 years but my first two lasted 4 years each, not a lot longer. I’ve had my current one for two years and keeping fingers crossed.

The problem with these is I can’t find anyone to repair them. The problem in the first one seemed to be in the electronics of the control panel rather than the machinery. The second one ran but didn’t take moisture out of the air. I am not afraid to open stuff up and fix it but I don’t know how these work.

I have two dehumidifiers in the basement. One is 18 years old, and the other is 15 years old. The newer one has an annoyingly vibration, but both still work. They get run about 4-5 months per year.

I think they are basically a fan and compressor. The noise mine was making sounded like the bearings going bad in the fan, maybe. I’m going to try getting the case open again. I can’t break it any more than it already is. :grinning:

Years ago, we had a used one my aunt and uncle gave us. It was probably 10 years old when we started using it and lasted another 5-8 years. We’re on our third new one now in the last 10 years. We only run ours from May - September and only during the hours of 6am-9pm. I had to buy a new one this summer to replace one we used for only one summer. I’ve been buying bigger capacity models thinking that the smaller ones just can’t keep up. I think like everything else, they’ve become somewhat disposable.

A dehumidifier is pretty similar to a window AC unit in the end. A good one should last 5-10 years.

My own experiences:
My Walmart special started acting up after 2 years. My well reviewed one from Amazon is still like new after 5 years. My first Home Depot special got about 6 or 7 years and was another cheapy.

The Amazon is a a HomeLabs, the Consumers Report as I recall gave them a good rating. I would start with something like Consumers Report.

I don’t know how old ours is, but this past summer, it started leaking like crazy. We have it set up so it drains directly into a deep sink, so it wasn’t that we weren’t emptying it. Turns out the filter was gross!! I took it out, scrubbed it, and cleaned where it was installed, and cleaned the drain line. It’s working like a champ again.

I know it’s at least a couple of years old and we got it from Lowes - no idea what brand it is.

I’ve been using a Santa Fe Compact dehumidifier in my encapsulated crawl space for 7 years with no issues. I purchased it prior to the crawl space work and the company’s rep told me he has seen this model last 20 to 25 years. He had no dog in the fight but we’ll see.

A 1960s dehumidifier would probably last 40 years. A 21st century dehumidifier should still last 10 years on average but I wouldn’t be surprised to find a 10% early failure rate or much higher on particular models.

Clean the filter.

Mine last 5 + years.


I pereserved and got the damn case open. The trick was to get the front off first, exposing hidden screws holding on the back.

The fan motor was dead. I plugged it in and nothing, but I could hear humming. I gave the hamster wheel a push and it started spinning, but making a helluva racket and freezing in 15 seconds.

Briefly considered trying to procure and replace the motor, because the insides were pristine other than the motor, but I broke off some snaps opening th unit, so I’d have duct tape holding it together and my gf would make fun of me.

So , I bought again from Amazon and kept the filter, bucket, and main electrical panel, so I’ll have backups.

Mine - similar to the OP’s - lasted only half a year. After that, it just wouldn’t collect water anymore. I would run it all day and it wouldn’t get more than a small amount where it previously easily collected buckets per day. I suspected a Freon leak.