Déjà vu

In one of Cecil’s latest columns, he stated that there were many interpretations of déjà vu, by many scientists. In my experiences with déjà vu, some of them have been very vivd, and one time, i could actually remember that i had dreamed the exact circumstances on a specific night, and i could remember the whole dream, at that. This leads me to believe that déjà vu is a recolection of a dream that predicted the future, or was just a coincidence that that situation was dreampt. A couple of my friends have also been able to remember when they have dreampt things they had déjà vu about. I may be crazy, but thats my theory.

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Cecil’s column can be found on-line at this link:
What is déjà vu? (27-Dec-1996)

The column (including Slug Signorino’s illustration) can also be found on pages 113-116 of Cecil Adams’ book «Triumph of the Straight Dope».

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