DeJoy accused of campaign finance fraud

A Washington Post article accuses Postmaster DeJoy of reimbursing his employees for campaign contributions as a way of getting around campaign finance laws.

While the federal statute of limitations seems to have expired, the North Carolina state laws for this offense don’t have a statute of limitations. :grin:

Does this mean he perjured himself when he testified to congress?

(Let’s just imagine that we live in a world where that would ever get enforced)

Do we have any indication that investigators and prosecutors in North Carolina give a shit?

Well… the NC attorney general is a Democrat.

In fact, he’s already looking into it.

Hate to be cynical about this, but is anyone ever prosecuted for violating campaign finance laws?

Wikipedia lists 13

Including noted Right-Wing commentator Dinesh D’Souza, (apparently still able to get his face on TV, because folks on the right are very forgiving.) And Duncan Hunter, US Congressman.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Michael Cohen.

I will say that in browsing around a few internet news aggregator sites, the story does seem to have legs, for now.

John Edwards went to trial but wasn’t convicted. Michael Cohen went to prison.

The real risk is the democrats are too tepid to allow investigations and the gop just pardon them once they win the governorship anyway.

Who was subsequently pardoned by Trump.

Trump said he is open to DeJoy being investigated and, if guilty, removed from his post. My take: Trump was hoping his kneecapping of the Postal Service was going to fly under the radar, and now that it hasn’t, DeJoy is no longer useful, and in fact may prove a liability. So long as the scandal doesn’t reach up to Trump (which it doesn’t appear to in this case), it’s a win for him.

Yeah, I think Trump is signalling that he will dump him. The damage and confusion is already done, so it’s a “win” in that respect. But this is truly a case where it has become a distraction.

I look forward to an investigation that goes nowhere, a strongly worded letter from the democrats, a refusal to arrest him for ignoring subpoenas and absolutely nothing happening.

Oh, you sound like someone who’s lived through the past few years of so-called accountability with the Trump so-called administration!

A recent article in TIME indicates he’s been cleared of all allegations:

The full article is well worth a read:

I admit I was totally surprised by the positive tone of that article.

Politics is the art of compromise, in the cliche, and being able to work across party lines is the only way stuff happens. DeJoy being a Republican may indeed be the only reason the postal bill got passed.

Does that make up for his actions under Trump? The article glosses over them.

DeJoy promises more good stuff if he stays in the job. Since there’s no way of removing him, that’s the best we can hope for.

I believe this was known a year ago:

Just updating this thread. This was the first I heard of it.