Delay in prosecution of Trump

Not without a functioning FBI and DOJ and court system–all of which have been absolutely corrupted by communists like George Soros and the Communist Chinese.

Y’all need to wake up, and I don’t mean go “woke”.

A newsletter, do you publish one?

What with you conservatives and the psychotic obsession with George Soros? There are hundreds of wealthy liberals who give tons of money to political causes, but the bogeyman is always Soros, Soros, Soros.

It wouldn’t have anything to do with his long-running fight to thwart Putin and bring democracy to Russia, would it?

Of course it does, because Russia’s behind pretty much every Facebook group that spreads this stuff. People that spread this disinformation are unwitting (and witless) tools of a murderous dictator. Not the wannabe, but the real thing.

Thank you. I am always baffled by the George Soros = Boogieman narrative. There is never any hard evidence, only accusations with no follow-up. It drives me nuts.

What makes Russian communism more appealing than Chinese communism to you?


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It looks like at least one lawyer agrees with me regarding USC18 2383 and USC18 2384.

Some of the stuff that’s come out this week seems pretty damning.

It sure is. I hope/want to believe that Garland is conducting an ongoing federal investigation into all this. If he isn’t, this kind of slam-dunk evidence is going to make it awfully hard for him to avoid doing it – no matter how much he’d prefer to avoid the inevitable screeching about political witch hunts from the unhinged Trumpists.

The memo is clear, unambiguous evidence of intent, as well as foreknowledge that what they were doing was illegal.

It should be noted that The Bulwark was started/is run by Charlie Sykes, a well-known and once-staunch Republican back in the day.

While it is quite obvious now that this should be prosecuted, it is not obvious it would not have worked in real life (or appeared to and not have been overturned by judicial review) at the time. It is far from certain it will not be tried again and that it will not be successful then.

Will it not be ironic if T***p’s greatest and most consistent sycophant and enabler, Mike Pence, becomes a hero of (large scale) democracy in the future? Perhaps history will focus on Pence’s refusal to go along as a Mount Rushmore like event in our nation’s development. Perhaps once Eastman is convicted and the former guy is further disenfranchised (I have all but given up on seeing him held accountable-- I will settle for further humiliated, disgraced, and forgotten), Pence will re-emerge as a Republican you can trust, a Republican with moral fiber, the new Republican Party leader!!

Pence with help from Dan Effin Quail save Liberal Democracy in the modern era?
It is like a buddy movie written for (the modern equivalent of) Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone as a last ditch- everything on the line hero epic being cast with (the modern equivalent of) Rick Moranis and Martin Short! The only suspense is waiting to see if Quail will be played by Ed Grimly or Dark Helmet.

There has been no delay because THERE IS NO EVIDENCE, and there never has been any evidence!

There was a metric boatload of evidence. However, there was also a toady AG, and a blindly partisan Senate.
ETA: And yes, there are other things that Trump may be prosecuted for beyond that which he was impeached (twice) for.

I would recommend using better citations. The NY Post is known not to be credible.

You people seriously believe that? Pence has turned out to be a scandalous traitor to all of us, and even to you whether you realize it or not. Some enabler! He refused to delay Senate confirmation of the 2020 election for just ten days so that the state legislatures could conduct audits and consider decertifying their votes if they found discrepancies–all totally within the law and really we should all expect it for a really close election–ESPECIALLY if y’all think Russia is and has been interfering in our elections. But it seems you only have a problem with that when your guy loses, and ESPECIALLY when the rest of us think CHINA is interfering and changed votes to give Biden the win.

Y’all are going to feel pretty silly when this is all finally exposed and the criminals and traitors begin to sing like canaries to clamor for a deal in exchange for what they know.

Oh, there’s evidence… It’s just that at least some of it was complete bullshit concocted by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

So the Steele Dossier was fake, the Alfa Bank story was fake, and all of it was ginned up and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Perhaps any ‘delays in prosecution’ have more to do with people waiting to see what shoe will drop next, and now hoping the whole sordid mess just goes away.

Hide and watch. This is just the beginning of the end of this coup that was been attempted since 2015 and was completed in 2020.

That is okay, I often feel silly.
You are going to be fun to watch on these boards!! Welcome to the Straight Dope!

Yeah, just ten days. Has Arizona had ten days yet?
All states had certified their results. No justification existed for any delay.

Wait–and the lying-about-being-in-a-helicopter-brought-down-by-enemy-fire-Brian-Williams IS credible? The caught at least twice now doctoring 911 recordings NBC IS credible? The foisting-forged-documents-to-influence-the-2004-election CBS IS credible? We live in an upside down world where the truth is called lies and lies are called the truth, depending what letter you choose to put after your name.

The justification was that the person who gave away top secrets to our Number One adversary (gee, I wish there was a name for that) lost the election. Since The Messiah can never lose, that justifies any length delay.

I’m done with this. Y’all are brainwashed and there ain’t no educatin’ none of yas.