Delay policy on MLB

Can anyone explain the delay policy on Major League Baseball. I’m not asking about anything related to local blackouts but the following.

If I start watching a game anytime while the game is actually live I can jump back to any inning and watch any part of the game I wish, and I can return to live action. If I access the game at any time before it ends, I can “rewind” to the beginning and watch the entire game if I wish.

However, if I wait until after the game ends, I can’t see any of the game until about 45 minutes after the game has ended. Again this is not a blackout situation. The game is not local.

I can’t understand why such a policy would be in place so I’m wondering if it isn’t a policy but is some limitation in the feeds, editing, etc. Any ideas?

I think it is some editing in the feeds. With the NHL gamecenter, most of the time, they’ll actually edit out the commercial breaks. MLB doesn’t seem to edit out the commercial time, at least in years past, but I’ve seen them edit out long rain delays.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to edit out the commercial time this year, those delays are annoying when watching a completed game.