Deleting an outbox item Outlook 2003

One of my coworkers tried to send a 50+ MB attachment through Outlook, which has caused some minor problems. Most notably, every time I need to send any new emails, Outlook is trying to send the big file (which hasn’t gone through in the few days since she sent it) first.

I want to delete the big file, but Outlook apparently hates me. Right-clicking and saying, “Delete,” does nothing, as does pressing delete. Any suggestions on how to convince Outlook that I actually DO want to get rid of this thing?

Outlook may be too stupid to delete it while it is also trying to send it.

Disconnect from the internet (disconnect your cable) then wait for Outlook to throw an error message saying that it can’t send. You might be able to delete it at that point.

Great suggestion, Lionel! I told it to work offline and then it allowed me to delete the thing, no problem.