Deleting Facebook from my computer

You guys and girls are my last hope! Facebook has no phone customer support and Google searches have turned up nothing.
My problem: I logged in for a friend of mine awhile back and now FB ALWAYS takes me to her account. I don’t (and shouldn’t) delete her information, I just want to get back to my own account.
Or just get the hell away from Facebook entirely. I don’t use it much but still want to keep in touch with some friends. But how do I get back to my account? Meh! I’d just as soon drop facebook and call it a bad experience.
I think since Facebook went public they are more interested in profit than customers!
I guess I’m venting but does anybody have an answer? (Deleting my account without harming hers)

You probably have to delete the Facebook cookies from your browser. The method to do this depends on the operating system and browser you are using, so I can’t give detailed instructions.

If you go to your friend’s facebook page and click on the small triangle at the top-right of the screen, you should see an option to log out. If you do that, you should then be prompted to log in with your details - if you tick the box that says “remember me”, it should take you to your own facebook page from now on, rather than anyone else’s.

You don’t need to delete any accounts. In Internet Explorer, all you have to do is log out of your friend’s account, then log in with your account, with a check mark in the box to 'Keep Me Logged In". This should change the cookie to keep you logged in with your account, instead of your friend’s.

Really? You haven’t tried just logging out of her account? Jumping straight to OMG DELETE THE FACEBOOKS!!1! is a little weird.

Bag, did that with no results. :frowning:

Nichole, no triangle, no log out button anywhere. Am I cursed?

Fear, I’m running Firefox.

In the top blue bar at the far right side, when you’re looking at the Facebook friends newsfeed, there should be a little down arrow. Click that. I’m looking at FB on Firefox right now, and it’s to the right of “Home.”

Yea! I’m ME again! Happy happy joy joy! Thanks Ferret and all you others, you’re the best. (Of course you are, you’re DOPERS!)

Note to Facebook: When you make simply logging out of a user account so unituitive that people consider deleting their entire account out of frustration, you probably need to work on your UI.

I wouldn’t blame Facebook on that one. The logout button is in the exact same spot it is on every single website in the history of the universe.

Don’t help them…

I don’t think the issue was with the facebook interface.


stupid no caps

I’m sure that’s intentional. One does not simply log out of Facebook.

I think when you log out of Facebook, the enforcers formerly known as the Mattress Tag Police show up at your door and break it down. Then you are “disappeared.” But your FB account never goes away.