Deliberate (and deliberately offensive) racism should be moderatable. It is Being a Jerk

I think #6 is important to emphasize for a lot of people in this thread. We have clear instruction that we are allowing posters to say “That post is racist because …” You don’t have to take it to the Pit.

I feel like a lot of posters (and moderators) were very unsure in this regard.

Thank you for highlighting that.

I wasn’t unsure. I was sure you couldn’t do that. Good to know you can.

I posted this in the other thread, but it probably belongs more here:

I was, too.

Another change is that racist comments that don’t use “slurs” but that are peripheral to the topic of the thread are now clearly against the rules. Ed’s example about “what does he think he is, Chinese” is based on a post that I wanted to moderate for racism, but couldn’t find any rule to support doing so. While i was looking, another mod noticed that the poster was a returning troll, so that particular example was moot. But i was troubled that i didn’t have a clearer rule to base my moderation on. I’m sure i would have come up with something, perhaps just “being a jerk”, but i had wanted to make a stronger claim of “racism”. Now i can.