Delivery room wedding

I’m watching the series finale of Drew Carey. Has anyone or does anyone know of women who’ve gotten married while they’re in labour? Did it used to be common for out-of-wedlock pregnancies? It shows up in fiction alot.

Well, you know they say that the first baby can be up to three months premature and still weigh eight pounds, winkwinknudgenudge but I honestly think a delivery room wedding would be pushing things just a tad.

I think Sandra Dee did it in “Doctor, You’ve Got to be Kidding!”

I’ve never witnessed a delivery room wedding, but I’ve been to quite a few weddings where the blush on the bride’s cheeks was due to morning sickness.

Miss Purl (excuse the informality but I’m too lazy to type the whole thing) you do realize that sometimes the new bride becomes pregnant on her honeymoon. When that happens, the excitement of it all can result in a rather healthy baby born two to three months prematurely. It’s kinda like on tv where the mommy to be goes into labor and delivers a perfectly healthy three month old baby.

Now this story is true, although a hijack.

Queen Victoria and Prince Consort Albert went walking in the gardens, early in the morning, after their wedding night. An older courtier supposedly said “That’s no way to get an heir!” He needn’t have worried, as Vickie’s first child was born(people counted) nine months and four days after the wedding. Later she punched out eight more. I submit that any woman who has that many kids wasn’t “Victorianly modest” as we use the term today!

Hmmm…in a delivery room wedding, is the bit about ‘you may now kiss the bride’ considered moot?

[Lazarus Long]Everyone knows that an eager young bride can accomplish in seven months what takes a cow or a Countess nine"[/LL]

To my sister. They actually got the judge up in the labor room to do it.

‘Course, now they’re divorced, but the kid is my Favorite Little Guy evar.
Another sister didn’t quite make it that far… they were married about three days before the kid was born. They were actually scheduled with the judge earlier that week, but he (the BIL) decided it was too nice a day and went fishin’ instead.

They too are divorced, but not before they produced four of the most wonderful, smart & lovely tall blonde girls.

So I’d like to know: anyone get married in the delivery room and had the marriage last?

I know a couple who got married the same day she left the hospital after delivering their son. The boy is now 17 and they are still together and apparently happy. I don’t know why they waited until then, neither of them were teenagers.