Dell Goes Black After Start-Up Logo

I have a Dell Latitude E4310 that won’t boot-up. Once the Dell logo appears, the screen goes black and stays black. There is no way to access safe mode and the F12 “boot options” won’t respond either. Is there anything else I can try?

The bulk of the responses say take it to a repair shop.

Can you open the case and see the motherboard? Some of them have LEDs that flash Alphanumeric codes that flash as they boot up, and can diagnose the issue.

Some simple stuff to try:

Blow some canned air thru the slots for the CPU cooling fan. Try “backwards” first.

Take the cover off over the memory, take the memory out (note orientation, etc.), put it back. Ditto if there is any other item easily pulled out and put back in. Perhaps the disk drive.

Sometimes the keyboard/trackpad can be removed fairly simply. Take it out, blow some air around.

But don’t do anything that would void a warranty.

Take the battery out completely, wait a minute or two, then put the battery back in. I’ve fixed laptop boot issues a couple of times using this method.

Forgot to mention, in case it’s not obvious, first unplug the laptop from the AC adapter.