Dell needs to do something about its quality control

I own a Dell Streak. I love its black minimalistic beauty. I love its 5" screen: just small enough to be portable, but big enough to make e-reading and web browsing practical. I like its battery life (not at all bad for a smartphone). In fact, it’s a very likeable dvice.

But it’s been a rocky road. I am now on my fourth Streak in as many weeks. Almost anything that could go wrong, has. From not being chargeable, to not being able to retain a mobile signal (I tried three different SIMs), to the factory reset not resetting anything, and so on.

I’ve had, as I say, four Streaks. Three have been returned (god bless you, Amazon), and the fourth is a refurbished model from Dell, which after two days, is working fine.

But come on, Dell. You’re a big, long established company. Surely I shouldn’t have to work my way through four models to get a fully working one?

And don’t get me started on their technical support.

I cringe at the thought of my old Dell laptops (I spent so many hours on tech support and ferrying them to the postal service, it’s remarkable I put up with it).

Dell decided many, many years ago to make stuff on the cheap.

I now avoid them like an 80’s GM product.

I would love to avoid them, but they are the only people who make a 5" phone, which, as I said, is the perfect size for me. I would have given up on the second one if it wasn’t for that.