Demagnetize (Computer Monitor)

What happens when I demagnetize by computer monitor. Does this have any effect on the monitor? Does this improve the picture or prolong the life of the monitor?

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By “demagnetize” do you mean “degauss”? If so, then doing so will certainly improve the picture if your monitor is left on continuously. The longer a monitor is left on, the better the chance that the screen colors will shift. Degaussing should correct this shift. Current monitors, those made within the past three years or so, will also degauss themselves when turned on.

I just like the sound it makes.


Nothing better than the first degauss of a monitor being powered up for the first time. My favorite computer sound.

This time, my post is serious…

My monitors degauss each other. It’s freaky. They’re very close on my desk, 'cause I don’t have a lot of room. When I turn on the one on the laptop, the one on the desktop degausses, and vice versa.

It happens at work, too. Whenever the guy who sits in the cube on the other side turns his on, mine degausses. Even though they sit about two feet apart and are separated by a wall and varying fixtures.

Always interesting on a Navy ship, when they use the degaussing (to reduce the ship’s magnetic signature), it screws up the TVs, but everyone seems used to watching TV with the color all wierd.

Also reminds me of the time in college that someone I knew rearraged his room while his roomate was away. He tried having the microwave just above the TV (which was the roomate’s), but we quickly discovered that that fucked up the TV picture, and it wouldn’t go away. I ended up demagnetizing (degaussing?) the TV by playing around (drunk) with a speaker magnet in front of it until the pink spot left. The roomate never knew what had transpired.

Off to GQ. Let’s hope demagnetising a monitor is a process that works the same under Windows as under Mac OS. :wink:

Oh no. Windows degauss is incompatible with mac. I also have a bridge for sale on the lower west side of Manhattan.

Sometimes TV’s need degaussing too. When I rearranged speakers once it left a big discolored spot on the corner of my Trinitron but a few passes with a bulk videotape eraser cured it.