Demented Circus Music - Come on Now !

I was lucky enough to come across a band called Circus Contraption on Haight St. one foggy day last year. The band members plopped down in front of a store and played their eclectic instruments including a washboard, stand-up bass, saxaphone, and some other random household items. The vocalist was using a small megaphone to sing.

THe music drifter through across the street and conjured images of a circus gone terribly wrong. The more I absorbed myself into the sounds I could feel myself sitting at a bar on a lonely dock while acrid smoke filled the air as evil deeds were formulated under the wooden creaky wooden planks out front…

So people, I encourage you to check out the song sample on the link above, Come to the Circus.

More importantly, I am looking for any similar-sounding artists. I have posted the link so that you may hear what sound I am looking for. If you don’t have any suggestion, well check out the song anyway - you might even enjoy this type of music too.

Cool. I wanna come hang out at YOUR household.

That’s f’d up. I likee Circus.