Democracy is dead in Georgia

Over 500,000 names removed from the rolls. Thousands of whom remain GA residents.

Brian Kemp deserves jail time, as do all the people who worked with him on this project.

Voting rights aren’t a game. They’re deadly serious, and infringing upon them should be treated as such. People will have voted, but assuming this prevents formerly registered voters from casting their vote, Kemp will not have been Democratically elected.

Meet the New Morality-If you can’t be stopped, it is morally right to do it. Accusations, admonitions, evidence etc. are not regarded at all as long as nothing literally stops you from doing it.

So, the devil did go down to Georgia?!

I wonder what really happened.

Not that an article written by the guy filing lawsuits isn’t above question in any particular, of course. :slight_smile:


Thank you for that question.
Got any more?

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Probably not.

Do you have any reason to doubt the story?

The man did some reporting. He has a list of names removed from the rolls. He hired an outside analyst who found that thousands of them belong to people who are still residents of GA.

He is subsequently taking the Secretary of State to court to get him to release records he won’t voluntarily release.

Which part of this do you suggest he is lying about?

Are we sure it wasn’t more like 3 seconds, like maybe your reply went out at 26 minutes and 58 seconds after the hour. He has a prefabricated response on his clipboard; he sees your post and a green light switch goes off in his brain after he’s been pressing F5 all morning, hits Reply With Quote, hits Ctrl+V, and sends it off 27:01 after the hour.

It was about as substantial as his other generic attacks, so you might be right…and that’s about as much thought as I want to waste on him, so back to the topic at hand.

Shodan is Just Asking Questions.

I agree (assuming he’s actually done what he’s accused of, which I don’t know for sure but have no clear reason to doubt).

And yes, of course I’d still agree no matter which party was doing something like this.

“I wonder what really happened” is a declarative statement, not a question.

Thus has your retort been refuted.

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Right, because when governments won’t release information they’re legally required to, a good reporter just shrugs his shoulders and does a story on puppies.

Whereas it took you a full three minutes after me. I guess Scumpup likes you three times better than you like me.

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The difference is that I am here to talk about the OP.
Speaking of which, why do you doubt the initial story?

We had a thread not too long about voters being purged if they didn’t vote in the last one or two elections. This seems to be fairly common (not just Georgia, but other states, too). Here’s an article about Georgia:

Is this an example of that policy? If so, there is a chance that what is being done is legal. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case, but it’s hard to tell for sure from the OP’s article.

It is a combinationof purging infrequent voters and purging people with trivial differences between their registration and their ID documents, such as a dropped hyphen in one’s last name.

It is bullshit, and more evidence that our country is in a cold civil war. The GOP seems to be happy with that, as they have the upper hand. We’ll see how long that lasts.