Democracy's failure

Could someone give me examples in which democractic governments have failed?

Hitler was democratically elected into power. I’d say that turned out badly.

There have been a number of “Global South” democracies that have gone sour, but it’s too late for me at night to squeeze them from my brain.

What about the Milosavic regime in Yugoslavia? Wasn’t he elected by popular vote?

I believe that the current government in France is called the Fifth Republic. Therefore, there must have been four previous ones. I think the Third Republic didn’t so much fail as get taken over by the Germans in World War II, though. The Weimar Republic in Germany after WWI also failed, I believe. I think the Kerensky government in Russsia may have been a republic for the short time it existed between the Tsars and the Bolsheviks.

Also, some people are claiming that democracy is now dead, after that little election confusion.

The classical example is Athens when it was defeated in the Peloponnesian War. Alcibiades usually gets a large share of the blame for wrecking the democratic system during the war, and of causing the defeat of Athens.

Those opposed to democracy have always cited this case as an argument contra democracy.

Depending on the way you define democracy or what you mean by failure, you could spend a long time discussing the tyrrany of the majority, even in this country. The majority of Americans apparently support the death penalty, for example, and that’s one reason that it hasn’t been universally prohibited. But I view that as a failure. Maybe the previous posts are pointed in the direction you were looking, but it’s a mighty broad question with many implication.