Democratic Party Seems Determined to Allow the Perfect to be the Enemy of the Good

Ted Cruz is too stupid to understand it was the best play McConnell could have made under the circumstances. I get why Cruz couldn’t be among the ten who hit the eject button and voted to end the filibuster, but McConnell figured out the best decision was to punt. They still have the filibuster in their back pocket, they’ve blocked the stimulus bills, and they (probably) realize that the economic situation in December is going to put more pressure on the Democrats.

I don’t know if McConnell actually contemplated this but the way I see it, there are two potential factors that could change the dynamics in his/the GOP’s favor in December:

  1. There’s a very good chance that energy prices are going to be a serious inflationary problem this winter. Forecasts put heating costs at least 30% higher, and that could be a low figure. A few polar vortexes this winter could crush the heating infrastructure in some places. High energy prices will impact pricing on everything from heating bills to rents to costs of shipping, all of which will get passed on to the consumer.

  2. Watch the race for Virginia governor closely. If Youngkin wins in November, Democrats are going to hit the panic button, especially in swing states. The swing state moderates are going to feel emboldened to confront the progressive wing of their party, and they will double down on a pared back stimulus. And they’ll confront Biden and put pressure on him to step away from the progressives.

A lot can change in two months.

Debate. That part when the members of Congress get up and speak for or against the bill.

And how is this any different from any number of politicians over the centuries?

Yeah, lots of shitty people have been in politics. Is that your whole point?

Well that’s one of the points conservatives make: they’re all corrupt so there’s no point in making ethics an issue. You’re gonna be disappointed no matter who you vote for - you might as well not vote and let us outvote you.

Oh, those five minutes reserved for each member to speak their fill? Yes, Republicans regularly bring up the spending limit during “debate” on spending bills. At least in that regard, they are consistent.

Of course, there is not yet a spending bill to debate for FY22.


Agreed. I remember how some people insisted that the Afghanistan pullout was going to be what helps the Republicans take over at the midterms and now it seems that people have already forgotten about it in a couple of months. Memories are short, especially when there’s some shiny new story to catch people’s fickle attention.

[Nitpick gnawing at me]

Methane (CH4) is a carbon compound too. What is in exhaust from burning fossil fuel is carbon dioxide (CO2).


What is more, ME-thane (as the BBC insists upon calling it) it eighty times more devastating than CO2. Meth-ANE (what we in the US, specifically the NPR reporter on the story call the gas) is often vented into the atmosphere as a bi-product of oil production. Plumes are nasty things that can be seen from space using special lenses (as nearly as I can recall from my drive home early this morning/late last night). Eighty times as destructive, 80 times the warming power and we neither try to use nor capture it according to the reporters.

Don’t forget about cow farts.

(But do ponder if I’m talking about methane emissions or the Democratic Party.)

Yes, according to the story they trained a very small amount of cows somewhere to toilet in a common area where they could treat the ammonia in their urine and possibly do additional good like stripping the ME-thane out of their poop (I recall for sure the process adds more nitrogen to the poop making it a better fertilizer).

Actually cow’s belches are worse than their farts, to hopefully put a toilet lid on this.

To throw that toilet lid back open, here is a link to the original article that I believe was a major source for the radio program I heard in the middle of the night on my local NPR station:

I have not stumbled across the radio broadcast itself yet, but this covers some of the same ground but lacks the fun of the two participants very deliberately and very articulately pronouncing the name of the gas with the nationally accepted preference at each other in a comic but slightly aggressive tone.

And just to have something on target-- I do appreciate what a difficult task President Biden has before him. But Manchin and Sinema need to graciously accept the win they have wrought for themselves and agree to the damn vote!! Manchin may be untouchable, but Sinema is toast. She better have made huge bank in this term because plenty of us are working to ensure it will be her last one. Also, the progressives need to say publicly: “Okay, it is not what we wanted, it is not what is right, but we will take this tiny little step forward in order to live to fight another day”.

100%. The only thing they’d accomplish by obstructing all legislation if they don’t get their full list granted, is to turn the nation over to the fascists in the coming elections—which would duly be the USA’s last.

A partial list of deliverables actually delivered gives all Democrats something to run on. On the other hand, the spectacle of dozens of progressives holding their breath until they turn blue gives all Democrats a pink slip—and later, much worse, as keeping the crowd happy with show trials will become important to our fascist overlords, should they gain power through Democratic inertia.

Wait, dozens of progressives want this to pass, the bill polls very favorably, and two senators, one who is in the pocket of coal and gas, don’t want this to pass, and you’re blaming this on the progressives?

I cannot speak for Sherrerd, but I am not not blaming anyone-- yet.

And even if both of the senators are taking money from the traditional energy companies, if nothing gets passed I WILL blame the progressives. Despite how much I dislike Manchin and Sinema now, they did work hard and got the bi-partisan bill passed with Republican support. Good for them.

But then they ruined the other bill, choked it down to significantly less than it should be (I am always amazed at how so called “conservatives” have never learned investing in the future is ALWAYS a good investment that pays many times over the cost) which is to their shame.

But the progressives need to pass them both and realize that if they get them both- it is more than has been done in quite some time. What is more, once those bills become laws and benefit peoples lives without cratering the economy, more bills may pass in the future. Being all or nothing babies about it will just cause them to lose even more support in the future. Yes, they need to grow up and live in the reality we have now and work toward the reality we can have soon if they don’t screw the pooch.

I get that most media sources will blame the progressives for not being able to pass a very popular bill that’s also backed by many economists. I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t blame the people blocking the very popular bill – Manchin, Sinema, and all the Republicans.

When the Republicans had to pass their very unpopular tax cut for the wealthy and corporations, they were in lockstep. And yet it’s somehow blamed on the progressives that Manchin and Sinema aren’t in lock step with the rest of the party.

Anyway, Sherrerd as definitely blaming the progressives.

Blame is not the point. The issue is that if the Democrats don’t pass anything, they will be destroyed in the next election.

Even if the Democrats do pass something, they are likely to be destroyed in the next election anyway. Passing legislation doesn’t seem to have much effect on the outcome of elections.

Which means the Democrats really need to pass what they can now, because they’re not likely to have a chance to pass anything for a long while.

Yeah, Manchin and Sinema should really pretend to be actual Democrats for a change.