Dems - Defend your Senators holding the budget bill hostage

Thanks. I needed that today. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but that was only before HE was President. Now, however, it’s obviously the Democrats fault. It has nothing to do with the President at all. :rolleyes:

I agree. All ~80% of Americans who expressed support for DACA should vote for Democrats.

That was for “kicking the can down the road” bill. The Democrats continue to point out that it should be a proper resolution.

That’s a fine point, but given that most Republicans voted for a bill that would have both averted a shutdown and funded CHIP, I’m not sure there’s very much sense in arguing that “Elected Republicans have chosen to shut down the U.S. government in order to remove healthcare for CHILDREN.” Do you see how silly that seems?

The shut down is never a good idea for the minority party and shutting things down for DACA a group few citizens care about is going to cost Democrats.

While the media is mostly a Democratic spin machine, you’ve got to justify a stoppage with points people care about.

87% in favor of DACA.

That’s your definition of a few?

In 2013, the GOP shut the government down for 16 days. They went on to win big in the midterms. I don’t think the Democrats have much to worry about, politically, no matter who ends up getting blamed.

It’s also worth pointing out that when the GOP forced the government shut down in 2013, it was in order to force the repeal of Obamacare. Which, when they had the opportunity to actually do a few years later, with no need for Democratic support, they didn’t actually do. Sort of undermines the seriousness of their arguments.

Only by the ones that want to follow the sorry republican propaganda, as it was pointed before, support that the Democrats would give it fell off when Trump opened his big mouth, and IIUC it also includes less funding or removal of many other sensible immigration items. And it also does not even do a good job with CHIP.


It would require a majority of senators to change the rules.

As they couldn’t even muster a their own party to vote for cloture on the bill, they are going to have an even harder time getting them to vote to remove the filibuster.
Well, anyway, I’m a bit disappointed. I actually was hoping that the democrats would allow cloture, and then let the bill fail to pass on its own merits. I don’t think that they needed to filibuster to prevent its passage, and doing so just allows finger pointing in their direction.

Also, as it is only a month CR, if it had/does pass we will be back here again in a few weeks, doing the same thing over again. DACA still has more than a month before it becomes a problem, could have used the next CR as a bargaining chip again, after more of the public support is behind the democrats, or, even better, just get a clean DACA bill through.

In any case, as far as the public is concerned, it’s not really a shutdown until monday. If they get things worked out over the weekend, and the govt opens normally and on time monday, “no harm, no foul” and really no blame to be laid at either party’s feet.

False, see 2013.

False, depending on the polls, DACA is supported by 80-90 percent of the public.

False. Numerous independent sources show that the supposed “Liberal Bias” of the mainstream media would in fact be better labelled “factual news reporting,” that the majority (75+ percent) of falsehood based “biased” news is in fact conservative, an that in fact the mainstream news coverage matches average American’s positions far more accurately than Fox or the even further right coverage.

So you’re completely correct except for the things you’re wrong about, which is everything.

The guy before him flip-flopped on the issue of government shutdowns too.

I omitted that something like 19% of respondents blamed both parties equally.


Sounds like you have a case of Whataboutism

Or, as known by sensible people, HUMANS.
And by the way, Republicans hold the cards now, not Democrats.