Dems - Defend your Senators holding the budget bill hostage

So the Majority party has the means to pass the bills in the Senate even over the objections of the Minority party, but they won’t. And this is still somehow the Minority party’s fault?


That’s not strictly fair, the Republicans aren’t going to deny health care to poor people, they just aren’t going to pay for any. No Republican will try to stop a poor person from buying their own health care.

You’ve probably seen it on the news, those medical caravans of doctors, nurses, etc… Kinda like “Doctors Within Borders, Like, Ours”? Out in the boondocks, people camp out overnight for the most rudimentary care. Well, nothing illegal about that, they can just go right ahead and do that! As much as they want, no one will “deny” them!

And of course, the important thing to remember is that both sides do it. Its just that the Republicans do it harder. Preferably, to people who can’t do anything about it.

The failure of the leadership to do something obvious is the fault of the minority they’ve kept out of the process. Just like the OP says.

Just pitiful. This isn’t what America was like when she was Great, when The Other Guys weren’t automatically the enemy instead of fellow citizens. But that’s where we are today, when we have an Adults’ Party and a Children’s Party.

The same as with every nuclear option… the retaliation is no fun at all. Republicans are aware they might lose their majorities this year, and they don’t want to end up totally powerless if that happens.

Realistically, if the funding resolution can’t pass without both parties, then both parties technically own the shutdown. The question then becomes which party’s “hostage” seems the most unreasonable. DACA is pre-existing policy, it is popular with the public, so it’s really not smart for the Republicans to “shoot” this hostage. Of course we won’t really know until the dust settles.

Plus, by now the government shutdown is recognized as the Republican “brand”. They claim the government is broken, dysfunctional, and superfluous. Then they prove themselves right by going to Washington, throwing a wrench into the works, and saying “look how broken it is”. Their shrinking base still buys this schtick, but most voters can see through it.

That 31% number is lower than Trump’s approval rating. Which means there are some people who approve of Trump but would not blame Dems for the shutdown.

Its the spectrum from nuts to totally nuts and on to utterly batshit pizza.

Something newer:

What’s the news from El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, any of it good? Any chance, at all, that Dreamers sent to any of those are not being sent to Hell? Think they will be welcomed? The vast resources of these nations shared openly with people who are effectively gringos? The street gangs in those places make our American thugs look like tea and crumpets with the Duchess of Hamster. Sure bet, some will be kidnapped. Gringos are rich, someone will pay not to get a finger in the mail.

If they had committed some dastardly and heinous crime, well, maybe. Way harsh, but maybe. Or were planning some outrage. Or if they innocently posed some grave threat, something which demands that we turn aside from common decency, having no choice.

But no. God help them, and forgive us, because we didn’t know what we were doing, and didn’t bother to find out.

Ahhh, don’t tease like that!

Those who didn’t vote for Orangeanus Deploribus and his enablers have nothing for which to be forgiven. Those who did are beyond hope of forgiveness.

One of the latest memes: “If you’ve ever wondered what you would have done during slavery, the Holocaust, or the civil rights movement, you’re doing it now.”

Ouch. Likely true.


Elected Democrats have chosen to shut down the U.S. government in order to show their support for ILLEGAL ALIENS.

The welfare of ILLEGAL ALIENS is more important to them than the welfare of American citizens.

Vote accordingly.

LOL! The simple binary world you live in must really be a comfort for you, huh?

Huh. I had no idea that Democrats controlled the House, Senate, and the Presidency. I was under the impression that those bodies all had Republican majorities.

Elected Republicans have chosen to shut down the U.S. government in order to remove healthcare for CHILDREN.

The punishment of CHILDREN is more important to them than the welfare of innocents.

Vote accordingly.

Trump gave Congress a club when he repealed DACA. They just beat themselves over the head with it.

Trump says the President should be blamed for a government shutdown.

Ummm … I’m pretty sure the House-passed bill funded CHIP, and it got most Republican votes and was opposed by most Democrats. YMMV, but I think you’re supposed to be arguing about illegal immigrants right now, not healthcare for children.

Heck if I know- I’ve been watching CNN, and they only offer 24 hour coverage of Donald Trump anymore. Back around the New Year they changed the subject for 5 minutes to discuss the legalization of pot in California. I remember I was so surprised to see something other than Trump on CNN, I texted my gf! But that was 3 weeks ago…

Anyway, there’s 100 members of the Senate. The majority controls what comes to a vote, but can’t pass anything without some minority support. So, they have to give something to the minority to get that support. Being in the minority doesn’t make them slaves, hasn’t since 1865. So to me, the pubbies are not acknowledging political reality, though the Dems do realistically share some blame. They could just roll over, sure.

But, political reality again. The polls I see show 75-90% public support for DACA. It is a very small minority who takes the cruel view that the Dreamers are ILLEGAL ALIENS, full stop, as if there simply isn’t more to the story (ever notice how central omission is to the conservative world view? Anyone?) Being a representative democracy, why is the party in power so obstinantly resistant to enacting the will of the people? Oh yeah, a small number of very rich GOP donors have a raging hate-on against brown people and cling to any excuse to have them put in chains, put on trains and shipped to Mexico City to be dumped off unceremoniously, maybe with “you’re on your own!” barked at them as the boot shoves them out the door. That’s what the oligarchy wants, and so we have a shutdown. Oligarchy really isn’t the Spirit of America if you ask me, but then again, back in 1860, a lot of voices were politically irrelevant and the nation was cruel to brown people, so there ya go.

And of course, back in 2013 if Obama could have done something unilaterally to raise the debt ceiling and avoid a shutdown, I think he would have. He didn’t want the shutdown. This time, Trump could just choose to leave DACA alone, but he won’t.

So: Trump shutdown. There ya go.