Denice Denton -- subject of homophobic attacks?

I am asking for info, not a debate:

Read in the NYTimes:

“And Angela Davis, a professor at the Santa Cruz campus, referred at the memorial to “the swirling controversies” and “unrelenting homophobic attacks” that she said Dr. Denton had endured.”

I can’t ask Professor Davis, so I am wondering if anyone here knows about a record of “unrelenting homophobic attacks” on Denton.

FYI for those not following the news: Denton was chancellor of UC Santa Cruz. She fell to her death – it is surmised to be a suicide.

I thought her being a lesbian was yawn, especially here in California and especially at UC Santa Cruz.

According to this article she certainly seems to have been the target of some vicious personal attacks, although there’s no word on their motivation: