Denise Matthews (Vanity) dies at 57

This really doesn’t surprise me, because she’s been in poor health for a long time.

RIP. :frowning:

The first of the Filthy 15 has fallen. :frowning:

Am I the only one who only knew her from that one episode of Friday the 13th, the Series?

And I remember her most for her role in 52 Pickup

Wow - you guys’ memories are making me feel old. Of course, I WAS a big Prince fan back then. Really had no awareness of her after the late70s- early-80s.

Oh, I remember that episode! I knew her from her association with Prince already, though.

Had a big crush on her – she was gorgeous! I didn’t know that her health had been failing in recent years. So sad!

Really is hazardous to have been famous and over 50 this year. I’ll always remember as a Nasty Girl.