Deodorizing fire-damaged books.

No, thank OG my condo did not burn.

But my local comics store did.

They recently re-opened in a much nicer location, & had a fire sale of slightly smelly graphic novels. $3 each.
Good ways to remove smell of fire?

Please and thank you. :slight_smile:

If you let the librarians “crowdsource” the answer…

There are a couple ideas here.

Sounds like the two best options are ozone or charcoal. To me, using dryer sheets would be just replacing one offensive smell with another.

You could try sprinkling bi carb soda along the edges while holding the book with the spine away from you. Use an old toothbrush to gently rub it in.

Alternatively, place each book in a zip-lock bag with some bi carb, and leave it for a few days.

If neither of these suggestions work, the more tedious method is to dust each page (or each few pages) with talcum powder and leave it in the sun for about 3 minutes. (Told you it was tedious!) Apparently more than about 3 minutes will have the UV rays affect the paper.

Other than that, just eat a burnt chop anytime you want to read your bargain books.

I’ve sealed them in a baggie with some baking soda.

Do you think it will help?

It will help, but the amount of helping will be determined by how strong the smell is, and the types of paper and ink and glue used (as to how far the smoke smell has “bound into” the materials.)

Shake up and replace the baking soda every day, to get between all of the pages. That will help more.

If you have about an hour you can spend in the sun outside, go with 6ImpossibleThings’ suggestion next. Baby powder (talcum powder) in sunlight works freakishly well, but it is quite time-consuming, and you have to do each page-spread individually for it to work.

Less than 5 minutes is good, and 2 minutes or less is better. Inks and pages are damaged by sunlight just as skin is. If one round doesn’t do it, you can do a second one, but I wouldn’t do more than that.