Deontay Wilder smacks down Internet harasser

Multiple sites have this, here is but one (no pre-existing SDMB threads as far as I could see)

Zelenoff has been trolling Wilder for a long time and threatened his child, which was the last straw for Wilder. It’s funny, in a pathetic way. Or pathetic in a funny way.

IMO, Zelenoff deserves everything he gets.

It looks like the dude would be improved by a little more brain damage. I mean, seriously, he “was just caught off guard” and wants a rematch?

He was caught off guard!? Between accepting the challenge, driving to the gym, changing into fight trunks, strapping on the gloves, and stepping into the ring with a professional fighter who hates you, you’d think this guy had ample warning that he was about to get punched in the face.

the dude needs to seriously chill

Wilder could have a serious career in beating down internet trolls. He would never lack work and it would be the lords work.