Department store Christmas decoration sightings thread!

Back in May or June, I saw some Christmas-themes Kleenex boxes on a shelf in a store, but I forget which store. They were next to the regular boxes, so I just assumed they were trying to unload leftovers from last year.

I’ve seen it for a couple weeks now. I work in a department store, and we’ve already got a big feature display of extremely kitschy Christmas decor up. I’m so glad I don’t have to take care of that section; I think having to manage Christmas merchandise in September would be just too much for me to take seriously.

There’s a giant christmas aisle up at our local Lowes. The Halloween stuff is behind the christmas stuff. Seems a bit odd.

I was out shopping at CostCo (in the San Fernando valley in LA) on Sept. 21st and it had its big ticket Christmas/Winter Holiday stuff out. That includes tackey plastic trees, lights and electronic organs that mangle all the holiday favorites.

Bellevue Square (Bellevue, WA) Macy’s Home and Godiva both have their decorations up.

I was going to buy new linens at Macy’s. When I saw the decorations, I changed my mind.

I heard an ad for Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas show about three weeks ago.

We (the Lowes I work at) had our Halloween stuff out at the end of August. We had snowblowers out the first week of September. Our Christmas stuff was set earlier this week.

The schedule our corporate masters use is interesting.

Yeah, I noticed that when I was in a Lowe’s today. They should be killed.

Yep, sorry to say. Yesterday at work I heard a manager tell an associate to move Thanksgiving merchandise to accomodate the early Christmas merchandise (at a Wally world). Oh, bother.

Love, Phil

Christmas trees are up and decorated in Big W stores in South Australia. I kid you not.

At least they haven’t started with the in-store carols yet. :smack:

I saw Christmas decorations and trees for sale in a department store in Brisbane last week, and Christmas shortbread as an impulse buy item in a discount store. It’s way too early for that, surely.

I’d like to report that I saw 2 ex x-mas stores this year. That’s right those abominations are in decline like the ladies that spent every summer vacation shopping them.

Besides stuff set up in defunct seasonal areas, stores normally wait until after Halloween, which is a seasonal area too. Don’t even try to pretend that Thanksgiving warrants giant sections to it’s merchandise.

I was in Lowes eary in the week of 9/15 and they had two aisles of Christmas merchandise, but no actual store decorations yet. Frankly, I was disgusted.

I was at a Kohl’s department store a couple of weeks ago to buy socks, and while they didn’t have any Xmas merchandise on display yet, there was a section of empty shelves that (if the signs were any indication) were going to hold their “Christmas Village” stuff.

And at Menard’s yesterday, right near the Halloween decorations, the Xmas village stuff was starting to appear…

Make room for me.

When I was living in Santo Domingo there would be stores with Xmas decoration at the beginning of September. Now that I live in the boonies I am hoping to be spared of the spectacle.

Ah, the Xmas carols… Makes you wish you were deaf.

I’ve seen boonies where the Christmas decorations don’t come down, because they’d just hafta go back up in a month.

I may not be able to afford shopping there, but Nordstrom gets a plug from me for celebrating the holidays the old fashioned way - one at a time.

I went by there last week and caught them in the act of putting up a Christmas tree display. I just rolled my eyes and sighed.

I passed a house that had up lights but for all I know they might have those up year round.

Lowes in Chicagoland had their display of pre-lit artificial Christmas trees and inflatable Christmas-themed lawn monstrosities up last week. Feh. Inflatable Halloween-themed lawn monstrosities were next to and behind them.

World Market in Oregon has ornaments, marzipan pigs, and peppermint bark.