Department store Christmas decoration sightings thread!

Of all the decorations to come out the ugliest and biggest eyesores are those self contained inflatable dioramas, with the giant inflatable stuff a close second. There’s nothing like having to see a yard full of those for 6 months. Decorate your whole entire house on the inside. I don’t have to see it all winter and until you have to mow your foot tall grass. OK we have a really pig of a neighbor that moved in after the other ones died. Here’s a hint. You can’t tell the difference between the before the flood and after the flood state of his yard. He never cleaned up anything after the flood. The ladder to the roof and two feet from the electric service lines is now woven in place by the wild grape vines that have been on the roof for 6 years.

I had to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday and they had all their Christmas stuff right in the front, including very offensively scented candles that made me feel very sick.

I was in my local Lowes a couple of days before that, and they had an aisle up and running behind the Halloween decoration row.

kroger has stuff out already. it’s so stupid. it takes the magic out of Christmas

sam’s club has had stuff out for at least a month.

The Dollar Tree near my home has assorted displays of autumn/halloween stuff and Christmas stuff set up.

I was at Target on September 20th and the Christmas decorations and cards have began to sneak out onto the sales floor, a few aisles down from the Halloween decorations.