Dependencies - looking for the right word

I’m looking for a word (or less wordy term) meaning ‘is depended upon by…’

In same sense that:
[li]A is the parent of B[/li][li]so B is the child of A[/li][/ul]

what is the correct term to use in:
[li]B is dependent upon A[/li][li]so A is ??? B[/li][/ul]

It’s not as simple as re-wording the sentence to talk about it from the point of view of the dependent side - I have a specific need to be able to express it in either direction.

A determines B? A influences B?

A is responsible for B.


I suggest “A is supporting B” or “A supports B”

“Guardian of” or “provider for,” in the context of human relationships.

I’d go with “supporting”.

To put this into more useful context - I’m trying to write the high level design definition for a database that will manage a web of time-based dependencies, costs, resource requirements, commitments etc (a bit like Project management, but not exactly like Microsoft Project)

I can easily say that this instance of B is dependent upon A

What I’m having trouble saying is this new instance of A will mean that all Bs will become dependent upon it - including Bs which come into being after this point

A will define B?

A will determine B?

Would you be happy with “this new instances of A must support all Bs, including those created after this point”?

I think the word I wish existed is either prepend or propend (actually both of those exist, but neither mean what I want).

Sorry - no - it needs to be a term shorter than ‘is depended upon by’

Actually, it might be (an uncommon use of) impend

B depends upon A
A impends upon B

A is required for B
A is a prerequisite for B
A is a precondition for B
A is a critical path item for B

I’ve looked over the list and this is what I would have said.

Other than “sharing a dependency” or “co-dependent” which are both too long.

I’m confused - isn’t “supports” "shorter than “is depended on by”?



Another couple of suggestions

A undergirds B
A sustains B

Perhaps there’s a lesson here in how Microsoft describes the dependencies in system services (not that those nerds know much about English – I’m constantly annoyed by the flagrantly bad grammar in “please wait while the list is being populated”* :D). There are both dependent and depended-upon services and they are described very simply under the category of “dependencies” – i.e.- one list that consists of “this service depends on the following system components” and another list consisting of “the following system components depend on this service”.

Not really sure what you’re trying to say with regard to a “new instance of A”, but I would translate that sentence along the lines of: if there is a new instance of A (say, one with different interfaces), then obviously all its dependent components are affected. Sometimes simple language leads to greatest clarity, even if more words are involved.

  • It should, of course, be either “Please wait while the list is populated” or if they prefer, “Please wait; the list is being populated” but not melding the two into some ungrammatical Frankensteinian horror.

Seems like you’re saying that a new instance of A automatically inherits or assumes control of all current and future instances of B.

Or, a new instance of A replaces the previous instance.