Depression Era Cooking with Clara

I ran across this wonderful series on YouTube. It’s a lot more than a cooking series. Clara shares such inspiring stories of growing up during the depression. She’s so optimistic and was still quite active for a woman in her early nineties.

Her grandson is a professional filmmaker and did a wonderful job capturing Clara’s final years.

Here’s a video to get you started. Clara answers her viewers questions and shares details of her life. I binge watched her channel in one afternoon.

I love that channel, too! She reminds me of my own grandmothers, who were very different in personality but still lived in that same era.

Clara reminds me of my grandmothers too. Especially my dad’s mom. She always cooked frugally. Her soups had very little meat and some basic vegetables. Old habits from the penny pinching days never ended.

I wish Clara had shared her classic Italian dishes.

But the focus is one depression era food and there wasn’t any money for elaborate dishes.