Der Trihs should have SOME qualifications...

Let’s listen to Der Trihs versus two particle and theoretical physicits… John Polikinghorne or John Lennox.

I doubt Der Trhis can rub two mathematical systems together and exlude all Christian ‘takers.’

But he tries, and tries and tries and tries…

According to him - Der Trihs - anyone who belives in God, represented by Jesus Christ - well… there is nothing lower on the ‘Humanitarian Scale.’

So now, I’ll ask:

Der Trihs - he of the Occam’s Razor standard - where do YOU stand against these guys?

Of course! They are FOOLS and YOU are …significant?

Show us your credentials for your beliefs.


You may be the brightest little snowflake your folks and co-workers have ever seen - but hey, fella, YOU cannot hold a candle to Polkinghorne or Lennox.

And if you believe yourself to be ‘smarter’, more ‘accomplished’, more ‘knowledgable’ more …whatever…giddyup…

A message board is just exactly your domain.

You seem to have posted this in the wrong forum. It clearly belongs in The Pit.

Or maybe he’s asking the more general question: “Is Der Trihs a physicist or a snowflake?”

Inquiring minds want to know.

Well I can answer that: “Hell no”. More commentary and links to previous threads will have to wait until this is moved to The Pit.

He can exhibit properties of both.

What kind of person hasn’t heard of physicist-snowflake duality?


May god have mercy on th OP’s soul for posting in the incorrect fourm.

May Mod have mercy on the OP’s soul for posting in the incorrect forum.

May Og have mercy on the OP’s soul for posting in the incorrect forum.

When on the boards, worship as the board’s god requires.

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Good Lord. TWO **Der Trihs **pittings simultaneously? Methinks there may be something to this Mayan calendar thingie after all…

And OP: -1 for incoherency and for no link to supposed thread of beef. When come back bring cogent complaint.

Polkingham and Lennox are not scientists. Nobody has any experimental data concerning the existence of God, and therefore everyone on earth is equally qualified to discuss the topic. Those who take the null hypothesis are justified in doing so.

Those who believe even in the absence of evidence are deluding themselves.

If I choose not to decide I still have made a choice?

I think this thread is what’s bugging the OP, especially considering that this thread’s OP is very similar to post #45 in the linked thread, by the same poster.

Anyway, I can answer the OP’s question. Honest and reasonable scientists who believe in God will candidly admit that their beliefs, like all personal convictions about the existence or nonexistence of a supernatural being which is by definition unknowable via any non-supernatural empirical or logical approach, are simply personal convictions with no conclusive factual basis. (ETA: just as non-Shirley said.)

Der Trihs will probably argue that there’s no such thing as an honest and reasonable theist and that insofar as they hold religious beliefs they are merely stupid if not positively evil. But that’s Der Trihs for you; he doesn’t do epistemological nuance when it comes to religion.

Thread over. Nice summation.

Reported OP for appeal to authority fallacy of defective induction.

I don’t think they can bust you for that in the Pit.

(And thanks, FoieGras!)

DerTrihs is a zealot who isn’t worth engaging most of the time, but at least his writing is coherent.

Now that this is in the pit.

Der Trihs isn’t a phsyicist. He has no actual knoeledge of physics whatsoever, but he uses a few buzzwords that he picked up to try to bluff his way through an argument. When he gets cale don it he skulks away and hides.

My favourite example was in this thread, where he stated that the afterlife violated the "laws of electromagnetism ". Once I listed the actual laws of electromagnetism and asked him to tell us which ne an afterlife violated, he refused to post in the thread again.

That sort of behaviour is typical. he makes ridiculous absolutist statements on topics which he doesn’t understand,a nd as soon as he is challenged to support the ignorant tripe that he has posted, he slinks away an hides.

But just in case you think Der Trihs is only full of a shit when it comes to science, don’t be misled. In this thread he claimed that Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh had “support right up to the Congressional level” from the Republican party when he detonated a bomb that killed 180 people, including 15 children.

No, you didn’t misread that. Der Trihs said that Timothy McVeigh’s bombing was supported by US Congressman.

And once again, as soon as he was called on the ignorant crap that he was posting, he slunk away and never posted in the thread again. That behaviour is universal for him. So just use that to your advantage. He will make ridiculous untrue statements in any thread he participates in. So wait for him to do so, then post demands for evidence. He will leave the thread and never come back, like the cowardly little weasel that he is.

Der Trihs is an embarrassment to the intelligent atheist and Liberals on this board. They have pretty much disowned him. His frothing-at-the-mouth irrational bigotry and ignorant claptrap have gotten too much even for the people whose side he is on.

I will repeat the advice I got in that thread: "All that said, I’m sure I’m not alone in basically ignoring Der Trihs. The content-to-inflammatory-rhetoric ratio is just too low.