Derivation of "get knotted"

I’ve heard this expression used from time to time on British TV shows, and I had invented a fairly obscene meaning for it, based on the way it was used.

Recently, though, I’ve seen it used on a kid’s site and in otherwise polite publications.

So what does it actually mean and what’s the derivation?

Here’s a couple of quick guesses. First is a sex technique. A knotted cord or scarf is inserted into the anus during sex, then, during orgasm, the scarf and its knots are pulled out. Second, the speaker is hoping the other fella gets his penis yanked into a knot. Some women have vaginal labia big enough to tie into simple knots, so it’s not a men-only insult.

My screen name, if you’re wondering, comes from a joke about JFK, not from any of these practices.

Nah, that is just not British, no way is that the true derivation, unless this is humour,

Hmm, humour, I remember that, humour is good, jokes are good, laughter is good.

Maybe it is another way of saying “Go hang yourself” it certainly means “go away” but more forcefully than that, but it isn’t swearing.