Describe a famous painting from memory.

Describe in as much detail as possible, the painting or other visual media art in the post above yours without looking at it. Mention a new artwork after your answer.

I’ll start,
The Mona Lisa

I’m sure I won’t be first, but… young woman with long, stringy dark hair, parted in the middle, and lying very flat over her cranium. Some dark lacy, clse-fitting fabric partially covers the top of her head. The picture shows her from about the elbow level and up, and her arms are folded, in relaxed contented fashion.She’s wearing a filmy dark green garment that has sleeves covering 2/3s of her arms. Maybe she has a slightly ochre colored inner garment, with a straight, horizontal neckline. Also lacey.

Her face is round, but there’s a sense of bones rather than fat. The eyes look at the viewer, and the mouth has a slight smile.

The background is soft and distant and generally green and brown. The are small mountains and hints of water.

Persistence of Memory.

Clocks draped over a colourful landscape

The Joker (Batman villian)

edit: I’ve just looked over the picture, and the clocks are draped over drab surealist shapes and trees

Well, I don’t know of any single image of the Joker that is particularly well-known or distinctive, so I’ll guess it shows a guy with white skin, green hair and a scary smile in a foppish suit, against the Gotham skyline.

ETA: Just looked at the picture. Got it mostly right except the skyline.

Washington Crossing the Delaware by Leutze: Washington Crossing the Delaware - Wikipedia

Standing up unsafely in a crowded boat. A couple of other boats follow.

The Scream

eta: totally missed the ice and horses

“A Coign of Vantage” by Alma-Tadema: four or five lovely women in loose, comfortable, flowing robes – chastely covered, but at their ease and luxury – lean out over a parapet or high wall, to look down, an almost impossible distance, to see a sailing galleon on the sea below them. On the left the sea extends to the horizon, but on the right is blocked by the tower and the ladies. The women’s robes are white, except for two which are in brighter primary colors. One is red, and I think another is green. Their hair is done up in classical Greek bundle styles.

The perspective is off; the tower is just utterly impossible high. But the effect of great height is vivid.

Here it is…

(How’s that for a long URL?)

And…GADZOOKS! I forgot all about the statue!

There are four paintings by this name, all different.

A promenade overlooking a beach. A person in the foreground has his hands over his ears and an open mouth. It is ambiguous if he is screaming, or is shocked at hearing a scream. There are two other people in the background, on the promenade.
The Death of Nelson.

Did you find both Presidents?

Nelson lays collapsed at the centre of the painting, surrounded and starred at by his horrified shipmates. He is in full dress uniform.
Behind him, the naval battle continues unabated. Red fiery colours light the sky.

The Creation of Adam
(one of Michelangelo’s frescos on the celling of the Sistine chapel)

There are two paintings by that name.… (>,<)

It also seems like I missed the spontanious midget wrestling.

That was mine as well but I couldn’t tell you what it looks like other than it is shockingly small. There were too many Japanese tourists in the Louvre that day snapping flash photos of it for me to get in close for a good look. I was able to see that it was a portrait of a lady or maybe a teenage boy that is smirking for some reason. I hear it is a good painting. I might buy it for the right price but I didn’t see a price-tag on it. This concludes my review of the Mona Lisa. Check it out in the Louvre in France.

I didn’t add one of my own per the rules. I am going with No. 5 by Jackson Pollock or any other Pollock painting of your choice.

A vigorous splatter of multicolored paint. But then, that could describe just about any Pollock.

And since we skipped it earlier, The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo: The Creation of Adam - Wikipedia

Adam, a nude beardless young male, reclines on an earthy green mass. He stretches out one hand. God. portrayed as a gray-headed, bearded man in white flowing robes also has his hand out. God is flown through the air by a band of angels who support him. There is a large reddish robe that is basically oval-shaped behind them.
Next: The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.

No. 5
Some pigeonswith bloody diarrhoea

Homer Simpson

Again, I don’t know that there is a single or particular painted image of him that most or all of us would know. May I suggest that future postings in the thread focus on particular paintings or works of art, as the OP asks?

Anyhoo: A yellow guy, nearly bald, in a white shirt, with big eyes and a permanent five o’clock shadow. Maybe holding a donut…?

ETA: Bingo!

Since we again skipped one (preview, people!): The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.