Describe how a 'good' TV or movie character was actually a villian. Show your work

I just found this article speculating that Jim Halpert was actually the villain of The Office. I hadn’t heard this theory before, but I had always thought “y’know, for a ‘good guy’ Jim is actually really kind of a jerk” so I definitely see the argument.

Then there’s the old theory that Glinda the Good Witch on The Wizard of Oz was actually evilly manipulative: after Dorothy’s house dropped on her sister, the Wicked Witch of the West just wanted her dead sister’s belongings. Glinda instead intervened and gave the ruby slippers to Dorothy- putting her directly in the WWW’s targets. then Glinda sends Dorothy on a wild goose chase to the Wizard, who turned out to be a charlatan who sent Dorothy and friends on a likely suicide mission to get the WWW’s broomstick. And after all that, it turns out that all Dorothy had to do to get home was tap her ruby slipper heels together, which Glinda had known all along! For a ‘good’ witch Glinda was a real…stitch.

And there’s that scary horror movie in which a mysterious woman with telekinetic powers and unspecified motives suddenly shows up in a family’s life to become their nanny, proceeding to terrorize the children and emotionally manipulate the family:

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone is a good guy who is kind of a jerk if you consider outright killing anyone who disagrees with you a jerk. Other than that he’s a pretty good guy.

Walter White on Breaking Bad is a good man, a family man. Albeit one that makes and sells meth and manipulates international drug cartels.

I’ve heard this, but I’ve never really bought into it. The Wicked Witch of the West was terrorizing a quarter of the land of Oz. With the ruby slippers, she’d have even more power than she already has. Glinda is attempting to prevent that from happening. Dorothy already knocked out one evil witch plus she had the slippers, she was their best bet for offing the other one.

Thanks to How I Met your Mother and Cobra Kai we realize while not a villain, Daniel LaRusso used an illegal move to beat Johnny Lawrence.

Glinda still manipulated and endangered a 12 year old girl. She effectively used her as an assassin. Glinda, not as evil as the Wicked Witch, but as bloody and morally grey as the CIA for sure.

She was even younger in the book and sent on a considerably more dangerous journey. IIRC, she was originally going to be played by Shirley Temple. OTOH, since we’re talking about the movie, you have to keep in mind it was all a dream so she was never in any real danger outside of getting hit on the head.

Jim Halpert is the villain in The Office. Shirks his responsibilities, harasses diligent workers, not really decent to women (except for Pam), causes trouble for management until he decides that being a manager is in his best interests, just generally a sociopathic thorn in everyone’s side.

I agree completely with @What_Exit-- Glinda sent Dorothy on an extremely dangerous journey with hidden motives. Dorothy thought the journey to see the Wizard was her best or only shot of getting home. If Glinda had said “I’ll help you get home Dorothy, but first you have to do something for me”, at least Dorothy would be making an informed choice.

Are you agreeing with the OP, or just didn’t read it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My wife, Pepper Mill, was one of the proponents of this theory. She wrote a piece about it in the now sadly defunct webzine Teemings

That reminds me of Lord of the Rings. The hobbits were meant to be the ringbearers - they were the least likely race in Middle Earth to become corrupted by it’s powers. And even they had their moments…

What do you think?

What was that TV series about the social worker who lost her money from compulsive gambling?

Anyway - she had a friend who ran his own company. But if you listened carefully, he was not running it wisely. This advice to her from his management style stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb: “If someone comes to me with a problem, I make sure that he has a bigger problem before he leaves.”

Jim, is this you?

Sounds like something Jason Mendoza (The Good Place) would say.
“I’m telling you, Molotov cocktails work. Anytime I had a problem and I threw a Molotov cocktail, boom! Right away, I had a different problem.”

The supposed adults running Hogwarts. They leave Harry in a despicably abusive home, don’t check up on him at all at any time until his 11 birthday at which point they send him a letter, inviting him to a magic school that he literally has never heard of.

Then, the extremely powerful evil wizard who tried to kill Harry with an Unforgivable Curse when Harry was an INFANT, comes back from the dead, infiltrates Hogwarts and again tries to kill Harry. These people not only just say “well he didn’t kill you this time, back to your abusive home!” they don’t even tell him the history of Voldemort, and continually act like Harry is just some dumbass kid, not the perpetual target of an evil wizard.

No he did not. Anything above the waist was legal. Daniel and Johnny both scored points with strikes to the head and face, both in their match and all the matches up to that point. Johnny was warned only for “illegal contact to the knee.”

It reads to me like someone who just didn’t read the OP. If you meant another impression you failed.

At the end of the day J K Rowling wanted a Cinderella character even if it made absoulutly no sense. A video on Youtube pointed out that the British social system would have never allowed this situation to continue.

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wasnt this part of the plot of “wicked” ?

That is because for the interests of time , simplicity, plot and budget, the movie conflated the two Good witches, and is thus totally and utterly wrong.

Note to mention this point-

And of course the slippers protect Dorothy from the WWW.

Nope. The WWW was gonna kill Dorothy in revenge, the slippers protected her. If Dorothy hadn’t taken the slippers, she would have to live out here life with the Munchkins, until the WWW, with those slippers, managed to beat Glinda. Dorothy would never have gotten home. Glinda had no idea at all that the slippers could take Dorothy home, that was the OTHER Good Witch.

Yep, trespasses on Indian land, and starts a shoot-out that ends with two dead. Over a few cattle, which can easily be handled by legal means.

Per the Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, it is canon that the existence of Kermit the Frog caused 9/11 to occur.