Design a cyberpunk theme park

Like, if Disney’s Tomorrowland were set in a future envisioned by William Gibson or Bruce Sterling or Pat Cadigan. What rides and exhibits would you put there?

It would look really impressive on the outside but just as you walk in the gate you’re mugged and then your organs are harvested.

There’d be MegaCorp Shootout, where you take a team of elite virtual operatives on a brutal mission of double-dealing and treachery, mysterious AI, and secret knowledge There’d be hacking, shooting, and lots of explosions set in a gritty Cyberpunk setting.

And also, there’d be a snack machine. Seriously, what else do you need?

In Neuromancer, Case is a data pirate who steals information via a VR rig that allows him to perceive cyberspace as a landscape full of buildings and structures. How hard would that be to simulate, I wonder?

I think a true Cyberpunk-based theme park should have a Lunar Lander, and Blackjack, and Hookers…in fact, forget the Lunar Lander and the Blackjack…

…ahh, screw the whole thing…


Caught a glimpse of Gibson doing an autograph session in Chicago last week.

On a slightly broader note, have any amusement parks succeeded by letting things get a bit “open-ended”? [Like in the movie Westworld] I think the possibility of Murphy’s Law coming up and biting the proprietors in the ass is probably far too large if you let the general public have the run of the place. Then again massive paintball tournaments seem to have no problems, but keeping human nature in mind someone will try to grief up the works in ways ranging from mischievous to malicious sooner or later.