Design your flashlights so they don't get screwed up by pocket change!

this is a pretty petty rant, but it annoys me because this should never be an issue.

I loved my Maglite. I purchased my first one when going on a river trip, and a needed a sturdy, waterproof flashlight. the Maglight was far and away the best one. It was made of solid aluminum construction, had watertight O-ring seals, and even had a built-in spare bulb! Best of all, though, instead of using some obscure, weirdly-shaped, had-to-be-purchased-special battery, it used simply off-the-shelf, available anywhere AA batteries. I used it for years.

My only complaint – they made the edge of the top, which held the cover glass in place, EXACTLY the same size as a US penny, so if you stuck one in your pocket head downwards, you could get a penny stuck in there. Tis would render the flashlight useless. Worse, you’d have to get a screwdriver or something to pry the penny out, because it’s stuck in there too tightly to pull out with your fingernail.

I picked up an LED flashlight for a work application the other day (not a Maglite, by the way), and when I pulled it out I got no light out of it. Because its end cap was EXACTLY the same size as a US Quarter, and one was stuck in there. Too tightly for a fingernail t remove, of course. I had to use the awl on my pocketknife to get it out.
Why do this? Can’t you simply make sure that your flashlight - especially one labeled “pocket flashlight” – isn’t going to be disabled by my pocket change?
Don’t tell me that I shouldn’t be so US-centric, and other people have coins of different sizes – in the first place, this was clearly targeted at the US market. In the second place, you can design it so it won’t get hung up on any common coin fro any country, and in the third place, it would be trivial to ad a rib or cutout so that no circular coin of ANY size would get stuck there.

I’ve got one of these on my key ring. It’s only been there since Christmas, but so far so good. It has lost a little paint.

How about a little dab of hot glue at the edge of the lens. Just enough to come up to the the top of the metal so a coin can’t recess itself in there.
Wouldn’t even have to go all the way around, just a dot, maybe two.

Buy a Fenix E12 and you won’t have that sort of problem.

I use one of these. No coins float around in my pocket.

Get a Quikoin:


True Oper8ors keep a full size Maglite on their belt at all times.

Why are you carrying change in your flashlight pocket?

Ditto. My flashlight lives in the opposite pocket as my change.
ETA: Also, the end cap is too small for a quarter to fit and too large for a nickle to get stuck.

For years, I carried a AA Maglite at work. Now I carry a Fenix RC-05 SE. It’s smaller, brighter, and lighter than the Maglite, and I’ll never replace batteries again, because it’s rechargable. It’s small enough to pocket, but I clip it to a belt loop on my jeans; easier to access.

The solution seems obvious. Only carry nickels and dimes. (For you Aussies, that’s a 5-cent and 10-cent piece.)

Yow. You consider that small enough to pocket? What kind of monstrous pockets do you have?
Personally I don’t like to have anything larger than a key on my keyring. (I admit I’m kind of anal about keeping stuff in my pockets to a minimum.) I carry a Photon II Pro which is of course not as bright as the Fenix but vastly smaller and lighter. It’s always been adequate for any use I’ve had for it.

Only 4” long, but yeah, nearing the limit of pocketability. My pocket-hog is the phone. I want a phone with a 6” screen that folds down to about matchbook size.

Another solution for the OP: stop carrying coins. Whenever I get coins in change, I leave them in whatever charity jar is near the register, or I just give them to the cashier. Coins are not allowed in my pockets any more.

How small are your pockets? That thing looks tiny to me. Granted, I don’t carry flashlights around, but that’s shorter than my phone by about an inch, and I have one of the small iPhones (the SE). My keychain with the car keys takes up more physical space than that, too.

The Fenix RC40 prevents the problem as well.

This is exactly what I was going to say! Or you could use some Gorilla Glue or the like for something more durable.

I carry a Jetbeam Mini-1 Cu on my keys. It’s about half the size of a tube of Chapstick. Rechargeable via built-in USB micro with charge status LED, high and low settings, glass lens (no sign of scratches or hazing yet), unbreakable keychain ring. The copper has taken on a nice patina and it’s really a lovely thing to use. Strong recommendation.

Also, be sure to use a quality grease for the threads and o-rings! Nitecore offers what’s basically a lifetime supply for 2 bucks. Butter smooth operation and it probably helps keep things waterproof.

Alternatively, you could make your own collapsible change purse: A Collapsible Duct Tape Change Purse : 14 Steps - Instructables

I ain’t gonna change my pocket-keeping habits, and I’m not going to buy new flashlights. I KNOW you can easily fix the flashlight so that it won’t get coins stuck in it – I say how to stop that in the OP.

I’m complaining that they ever built a flashlight with this flaw in the first place.