Desperate Housewives 11/11

That’s the friggin’ show. :slight_smile:

In real life that is what would have happened.

I figured Mike might have learned a thing or two from repeated viewings of House MD.

It may still happen. It’s not next week yet.

So what if she killed the mayor? Half the cast has tried to kill the other half!

There was a difference, subtle, but Lynette merely didn’t want to live with her mom; mom exasperates her and she thinks the mom is bad for the kids and her sanity, but she still loves and cares for her mom. Lucy and sister#3 who’s name I didn’t catch, don’t anymore.

I’m assuming that the mayor is not dead and that he’ll come back to “haunt” Gabby later.

The show doesn’t have to be on the ocean. If the mayor is all that rich, he could rent a helicopter… All right, that’s pretty weak.

I’m actually more entertained by DH than I’ve been with The Office this year. Not sure what that means for the state of television…

I’ve read that Richard Chamberlain is coming on the show as one of their stepfathers. (Lynette?)