Desperate Housewives 3/8

Someone dies…but who will it be? Edie, Dave, or someone else?

I thought it was Brothers and Sisters that someone was supposed to die on. Not that anyone did…

I liked this episode! What’s up with Orson becoming a klepto? It’s hilarious! “Penis-shaped tape recorder.” <snerk>

I loved the competition between Lynette and Tom - and their make-up in the kitchen.

Gaby caused a murder! With the best of intentions, of course. :wink: I wonder if Carlos is still fired? Maybe the dead guy didn’t put in the paperwork yet. :smiley:

Susan was pretty ingenious getting the painting out of Mike’s house.

I wonder what Edie will find out about her husband.

It’s been said that Nicolette Sheridan is leaving the show, but I don’t know if it will be a violent exit or not.

I’m glad they finally explained why Orson isn’t a dentist anymore. Do convicted felons really permanently lose their medical license if the felony isn’t related to their profession?